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Hurricane Lee Puts New England And Atlantic Canada On Alert; Residents Are Under Storm Warnings

Be guided with the current track of Hurricane Lee for your awareness and safety. After making a long journey over the Atlantic, where it briefly reached Category 5 status, Hurricane Lee has changed into a post-tropical storm as its effects have hit the ground this weekend.  On Saturday, the Hurricane Lee’s damaging winds, torrential rain, … Read more

Hurricane Lee Update: Knowing How Fox Point Hurricane Barrier Prepares For The Storm’s Impact

The storm barrier in Providence is prepared for Hurricane Lee. The Fox Point Hurricane Barrier crew is ready in case Hurricane Lee begins to move into Rhode Island. In order to prevent a wind-driven surge or an unusually high tide from forcing the closure of the barrier preventing flooding in downtown Providence, US Army Corps … Read more

Hurricane Lee Poses Alerts To Coastal New England As Its Threats Grows

Hurricane Lee prompts watches in New England. As Hurricane Lee is expected to hit portions of the region as well as Atlantic Canada later this week and into the weekend, hurricane and tropical storm watches are now in force for much of coastal New England. On Saturday, the National Hurricane Center warned that Hurricane Lee … Read more

Hurricane Lee Threatens To Hit New England With Dangerous Surf And Rip Currents Over The Weekend

Hurricane Lee is a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale as of the most recent NHC advisory. It is situated around 400 miles south-southwest of Bermuda, is moving 7 mph to the northwest, and has maximum sustained winds of 115 mph. The NHC predicts that Hurricane Lee will gradually start to diminish … Read more

National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration Confirms A Record-Breaking Year For Weather And Climate Disasters Across The Country

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the United States established a record for natural catastrophes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported on Monday that the United States has experienced a frightening 23 distinct weather and climate catastrophes that have each inflicted at least $1 billion in damages. With still four months left … Read more

Hurricane Lee Strengthened Back Into Category 3 That Could Bring Life-Threatening Currents And Dangerous Conditions To Beaches Up And Down The East Coast

Hurricane Lee is expected to restrengthen as Category 3. According to satellite images and data from a hurricane hunter plane on Sunday, Hurricane Lee has once again regained intensity and is now a Category 3 hurricane with top sustained winds of 120 mph. The National Hurricane Center predicts that the Hurricane Lee, whose strength shifted … Read more

Category 3 Hurricane Lee Poses A Threat Over The East Coast

On Saturday, the northeast Caribbean was ravaged by large surf while Hurricane Lee, a category 3 storm, raged nearby in open waters. On Saturday morning, Category 3 Hurricane Lee was still hundreds of miles east of the Caribbean. However, according to forecasters, the storm’s effects might already be felt this weekend along the US Atlantic … Read more

After Hurricane Idalia, Rare Pink Flamingos Spotted In Ohio

After Hurricane Idalia, Ohio and the Carolinas reported rare sightings of flamingos. Hurricane Idalia, which recently wreaked havoc throughout sections of the United States, also drove flamingos from eastern Mexico into states as far north as Ohio in an astonishing event of nature’s might. The flamingos are thought to have been on their migratory route … Read more

Record Breaking Heat Wave Engulfs NYC, Washington DC This Wednesday

NYC, Washington DC will experience record breaking heat wave this Wednesday. Forecasters urged people expecting to spend time outdoors to drink water and to refrain from vigorous exertion as a record breaking heat wave continued to engulf parts of the country on Wednesday. The mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United areas will continue to … Read more

Tropical Storm Lee Forms In The Atlantic Ocean, Predicted To Become A Major Hurricane

Tropical Storm Lee forms in the Atlantic. Tropical Storm Lee, a recently developed tropical depression in the Atlantic Ocean, is forecast to intensify into a major hurricane by Thursday as the season nears its annual peak in early September. According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Depression 13 which is Tropical Storm Lee emerged on … Read more