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After Hurricane Idalia, Rare Pink Flamingos Spotted In Ohio

After Hurricane Idalia, Ohio and the Carolinas reported rare sightings of flamingos.

After Hurricane Idalia, Rare Pink Flamingos Spotted In Ohio (Photo: Laredo Morning Times)

Hurricane Idalia, which recently wreaked havoc throughout sections of the United States, also drove flamingos from eastern Mexico into states as far north as Ohio in an astonishing event of nature’s might. The flamingos are thought to have been on their migratory route between Cuba and the Yucatan when they were caught in the powerful winds of Hurricane Idalia.

Hurricane Idalia illustrated that hurricanes can both give and take away by wreaking havoc on communities as it made a historic landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast before tearing across Georgia and the Carolinas.

As Hurricane Idalia passed, the famous pink-plumed birds initially appeared throughout Florida, on both coasts and along the northern Gulf Coast. 

As of September 7, more than 150 flamingos that Hurricane Idalia brought to the US had appeared in ten states ranging from Florida through Pennsylvania and Ohio and west to Texas. 

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Bird watchers hit the road in an effort to catch a glimpse of the rare pink birds which startled wildlife observers who were stunned to see the birds. 

Wildlife officials and others have issued urgent cautions to allow the birds some room due to the curiosity of some birdwatchers and photographers who got too close to the birds. 

For the first time in the state’s history, Florida Audubon and others hope the birds stay and reestablish a breeding colony. 

Experts believe that the flamingos were probably taken from a breeding colony in the Yucatan where Hurricane Idalia stayed for a few days to organize. 

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