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Hurricane Lee Puts New England And Atlantic Canada On Alert; Residents Are Under Storm Warnings

Be guided with the current track of Hurricane Lee for your awareness and safety. After making a long journey over the Atlantic, where it briefly reached Category 5 status, Hurricane Lee has changed into a post-tropical storm as its effects have hit the ground this weekend.  On Saturday, the Hurricane Lee’s damaging winds, torrential rain, … Read more

Hurricane Lee Poses Alerts To Coastal New England As Its Threats Grows

Hurricane Lee prompts watches in New England. As Hurricane Lee is expected to hit portions of the region as well as Atlantic Canada later this week and into the weekend, hurricane and tropical storm watches are now in force for much of coastal New England. On Saturday, the National Hurricane Center warned that Hurricane Lee … Read more

Hurricane Lee Strengthened Back Into Category 3 That Could Bring Life-Threatening Currents And Dangerous Conditions To Beaches Up And Down The East Coast

Hurricane Lee is expected to restrengthen as Category 3. According to satellite images and data from a hurricane hunter plane on Sunday, Hurricane Lee has once again regained intensity and is now a Category 3 hurricane with top sustained winds of 120 mph. The National Hurricane Center predicts that the Hurricane Lee, whose strength shifted … Read more

Tropical Storm Lee Forms In The Atlantic Ocean, Predicted To Become A Major Hurricane

Tropical Storm Lee forms in the Atlantic. Tropical Storm Lee, a recently developed tropical depression in the Atlantic Ocean, is forecast to intensify into a major hurricane by Thursday as the season nears its annual peak in early September. According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Depression 13 which is Tropical Storm Lee emerged on … Read more

Will Hurricane Idalia Be The Latest ‘I’ In The “Terrible I’s?”

The west coast of Florida is preparing for impact with widespread evacuations as Hurricane Idalia barrels over the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Idalia, which is moving near the Florida coast, has the potential to join the list of tropical systems with names that start with the letter “I” that have retired in the Atlantic Ocean. … Read more

Tropical Depression Ten Has Developed Near Yucatan Peninsula

Next week, Tropical Depression Ten is anticipated to pose a hurricane threat to Florida. The Tropical Depression Ten that is being monitored by the National Hurricane Center is situated close to the southern Gulf of Mexico and is expected to intensify into Tropical Storm Idalia and a hurricane before making landfall along Florida’s Gulf Coast.  … Read more

Two Atlantic Tropical Systems Track By National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center spotted Two Atlantic Tropical Systems that have the possibility to form as a storm. Two Atlantic Tropical Systems that could develop into the next tropical depression or storm of the season have been tracked by the National Hurricane Center. The next tropical depression or storm of the season could arise from … Read more