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Hurricane Lee Update: Knowing How Fox Point Hurricane Barrier Prepares For The Storm’s Impact

The storm barrier in Providence is prepared for Hurricane Lee.

Hurricane Lee Update: Knowing How Fox Point Hurricane Barrier Prepares For The Storm’s Impact (Photo: BBC)

The Fox Point Hurricane Barrier crew is ready in case Hurricane Lee begins to move into Rhode Island.

In order to prevent a wind-driven surge or an unusually high tide from forcing the closure of the barrier preventing flooding in downtown Providence, US Army Corps of Engineers personnel will be on the scene following the Hurricane Lee’s progress well in advance.  

According to John MacPherson, the Corps’ Cape Cod Canal manager who is also in charge of the Fox Point barrier, USACE is closely monitoring the forecast for the Hurricane Lee and will be ready to operate the barrier if conditions call for a shutdown.

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The National Weather Service issued a warning on Thursday for dangerous surf and rip current conditions hitting much of the East Coast of the United States as the Hurricane Lee moves further west. 

Bermuda was said to be experiencing tropical storm-like conditions.

The hurricane barrier was constructed to protect against hurricanes, but in more recent years, it has also been utilized to enclose the 280 acres within its gates during king or moon tides, when the Providence River’s waters are expected to rise above average. 

These tides are rising as the sea level has increased and have been known to flood the region around Waterplace Park. 

In the wake of Hurricane Carol in 1954, which flooded Providence, the decision was made to construct the barrier. Following the hurricane of 1938, a storm surge swamped the city for the second time in 16 years. 

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