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After Hurricane Idalia, Rare Pink Flamingos Spotted In Ohio

After Hurricane Idalia, Ohio and the Carolinas reported rare sightings of flamingos. Hurricane Idalia, which recently wreaked havoc throughout sections of the United States, also drove flamingos from eastern Mexico into states as far north as Ohio in an astonishing event of nature’s might. The flamingos are thought to have been on their migratory route … Read more

Hurricane Idalia Update: Gov. Ron DeSantis And President Joe Biden Faced Leadership Tests

Biden and DeSantis speak to commit support for Hurricane Idalia recovery efforts. In order to show leadership during the historic storm and once more demonstrate their ability to cooperate despite their competition, Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden faced new leadership tests as Hurricane Idalia slammed into Florida’s Gulf coast on Wednesday morning as … Read more

Hurricane Idalia Unleashes Fury On Florida’s Gulf Coast As Category 3 Storm, How Big Was Idalia At Landfall?

Along Florida’s Gulf Coast, close to Tallahassee in Keaton Beach, Hurricane Idalia made landfall as a strong Category 3 hurricane on Wednesday morning. At 7:45 am on Wednesday, Hurricane Idalia made landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast as a Category 3 hurricane with 125 mph winds. The storm was not a full circle but it was … Read more

Will Hurricane Idalia Be The Latest ‘I’ In The “Terrible I’s?”

The west coast of Florida is preparing for impact with widespread evacuations as Hurricane Idalia barrels over the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Idalia, which is moving near the Florida coast, has the potential to join the list of tropical systems with names that start with the letter “I” that have retired in the Atlantic Ocean. … Read more