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Texas Woman Sentenced for Murder of Man in Wheelchair with Bound Hands and Feet

After agreeing to take care of an elderly man in a wheelchair, a 40-year-old woman killed him and stole his belongings. She will do 25 years in prison. On Monday, October 30, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg declared that Alicia Keator and her boyfriend, Marcus Gilbert, better known as “Skunk,” had entered a guilty … Read more

Police Department In Los Angeles Arrested The Armed Man At The Robert Kennedy Jr. Campaign Event In LA

Police Department in Los Angeles arrested an armed man at a campaign event in California with a $35,000 bail. According to the Police Department in Los Angeles, an armed man suspected of posing as a US Marshal was arrested at a Robert Kennedy Jr. campaign event in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon. A radio call … Read more

Jaylen Tyrique Johnson, A Man Accused Of Attempted Rape, Now Arrested Through Matched Fingerprints

The man, accused of attempted rape, was now arrested by authorities. Jaylen Tyrique Johnson was arrested by Seattle Police on suspicion of entering a woman’s apartment and being accused of attempted rape while she was sleeping. On September 11, Jaylen Tyrique Johnson, 24, accused of attempted rape, was detained and charged with first-degree attempted rape. … Read more

Convicted Murderer Danelo Cavalcante Posed Photo With Law Enforcement Officers, Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Defends Them

Officers posed a photo with Danilo Cavalcante, the prison escapee. Before being put into the back of an armored van on Wednesday morning, the Pennsylvania prison escapee Danilo Cavalcante was surrounded by a group of heavily armed officers to pose a group photo. Danelo Cavalcante, a prisoner who had escaped, had been captured by police … Read more

Anthony Sully, A Former Bay Area Police Officer Turned Serial Killer, Died On Death Row

Anthony Sully, a serial killer and former police officer, passes away in a California prison while on death row. Former California police officer turned serial killer Anthony Sully, who was on death row after being found guilty of killing six people in the 1980s, passed away from natural causes. According to the California Department of … Read more

Adam Pacman Jones, Former Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Back, Arrested At The Cincinnati International Airport On Monday

Adam Pacman Jones claimed he was detained while heading to New York for the Jets’ Monday night game versus the Bills. Adam Pacman Jones, a former defensive back for the Cincinnati Bengals, was detained on Monday morning at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport following an alleged conflict on a departing flight. According to The Associated … Read more

That 70s Show Actor Danny Masterson Sentenced To 30 Years To Life In Prison For Forcible Rape, Wife Bijou Phillips Pleads Mercy

That 70s Show actor Danny Masterson received a sentence of 30 years to life in jail for forceful rape. In a character statement issued in response to the That 70s Show actor Danny Masterson’s conviction in May on two counts of forcible rape, actress Bijou Phillips described Danny Masterson as an incredible husband. That 70s … Read more

Former Soldier Daniel Khalife, Finally Arrested By London’s Metropolitan Police After The Three-Day Manhunt For This Terror Suspect

Following a three-day manhunt, the Metropolitan Police of London arrested Daniel Khalife on Sunday. Former soldier Daniel Khalife was arrested after he disguised himself as a chef and escaped from a prison in London by tying himself to the bottom of a van. In the Chiswick neighborhood of west London, where search operations had been … Read more

Cordarius Dorsey, Young Thug’s YSL Co-Defendant, Found Guilty And Sentence To Life Without Parole In A Separate Case

In a separate case, Cordarius Dorsey, a YSL member who was waiting to go to trial in Young Thug’s RICO case was found guilty of murder and given a life sentence without parole. In a separate case, Cordarius Dorsey, one of Young Thug’s co-defendants in the YSL RICO case, was found guilty of murder on … Read more

Scottsbluff Police Department Arrested The 62-Year-Old Woman From Terrytown For DUI Charges

According to Scottsbluff Police Department, Tuesday night’s incident at a petrol station in Scottsbluff resulted in a woman being charged with DUI and an injured man. The Scottsbluff Police Department responded to 2002 Avenue I on Tuesday, September 5, at around 7:20 pm in relation to an injury collision. A 2005 Ford Freestyle was parked … Read more