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Former Soldier Daniel Khalife, Finally Arrested By London’s Metropolitan Police After The Three-Day Manhunt For This Terror Suspect

Following a three-day manhunt, the Metropolitan Police of London arrested Daniel Khalife on Sunday.

Former Soldier Daniel Khalife, Finally Arrested By London’s Metropolitan Police After The Three-Day Manhunt For This Terror Suspect (Photo: Sky News)

Former soldier Daniel Khalife was arrested after he disguised himself as a chef and escaped from a prison in London by tying himself to the bottom of a van.

In the Chiswick neighborhood of west London, where search operations had been refocused earlier in the day, former soldier Khalife was arrested by a counterterrorism officer who removed the fugitive from a bicycle.

The former soldier was arrested on suspicion of being unlawfully at large and of being an escaped prisoner, according to Commander Dominic Murphy, its counterterrorism chief, reported by PA Media.

Former soldier Khalife, 21, was taken into custody in the Chiswick neighborhood of West London just before 11 a.m. local time, or 6 a.m. in New York, by a plain-clothes officer, according to police, as reported by The Guardian. 

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According to Commander Dominic Murphy, the head of the Metropolitan Police’s counterterrorism division, former soldier’s arrest came roughly 75 hours after he escaped from the prison. 

According to police, the former soldier was arrested with the public’s assistance after numerous calls were made reporting various sightings of him. 

Following the 21-year-old former soldier’s Wednesday escape from Wandsworth Prison, there was a massive search that caused flight delays and increased security checks at British ports. 

According to authorities, Khalife, the former soldier, was dressed in a cook’s uniform consisting of a white T-shirt and red checkered pants when he made his escape on Wednesday. He had been working a morning shift in the jail’s kitchens. 

Authorities said that the former soldier managed to get away by strapping himself to the underside of a departing food delivery van. 

The manhunt swiftly informed British ports and airports, including London Heathrow, the country’s busiest airport, of the former soldier’s whereabouts. As a result, visitors experienced delays due to extra security checks due to concern that the former soldier would attempt to flee.

The former soldier is charged with providing critical information to Iran and setting up three phony canister explosives at a military base.

Following his arrest, the former soldier was discharged from the service in May. Khalife, the former soldier denied all accusations of wrongdoing. He will face a trial in November.

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