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Defense Secretary Austin Expresses Gratitude in Holiday Calls to Deployed Military

As the holiday season brings Americans together for festive celebrations, thousands of military personnel worldwide continue their dedicated service to the nation. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks took a moment during the Christmas break to personally call military members deployed overseas, expressing gratitude and recognition for their sacrifices. … Read more

Discover the Dazzling ‘Christmas Tree Cluster’ of Stars in Space

Just before the holiday festivities kicked off, NASA surprised everyone with a picture of a space scene that looked a whole lot like a Christmas tree. In this picture, there’s a bunch of stars, each one between one to five million years old. These stars are all lined up to make the shape of a … Read more

Stolen Baby Jesus: Los Feliz Church’s War-Themed Nativity Scene Faces Unexpected Twist

Reverend Keith Mozingo of Founders Metropolitan Community Church in Los Feliz is grappling with a loss of holiday cheer following the theft of the baby Jesus that adorned his politically charged Nativity scene. Located outside the church on Prospect Avenue, Mozingo’s Nativity exhibit featured statues of Mary, Joseph, and a baby Jesus positioned atop a … Read more

Shawnee, Oklahoma Adopts ‘Sit/Lie’ Ordinance, Prompting Concerns About Homelessness

The Board of City Commissioners in Shawnee, Oklahoma, has recently voted 6-1 in favour of implementing a new ordinance known as “Sit/Lie.” This ordinance is designed to address concerns about public safety within the downtown area of Shawnee, by prohibiting activities such as sleeping outside, lying down, sitting down, or placing objects in the right-of-way. … Read more

Unlocking the Runaway Greenhouse Effect: Insights from Earth and Venus

In the 1960s, the Soviet Venera 1 and Mariner 2 probes shattered misconceptions about Venus, revealing an incredibly dense carbon dioxide atmosphere and scorching temperatures. The missions highlighted the potential threat of a runaway greenhouse effect on Earth, prompting concerns about anthropogenic climate change. Simulating Earth’s Runaway Greenhouse Effect Astronomers from the University of Geneva … Read more

Overpaid Bernalillo County Property Tax? Learn How to Request a Refund

Property owners who believe they have been overassessed in Bernalillo County can explore the option of requesting a refund on their property taxes. Bernalillo County Assessor Damian Lara emphasizes the importance of property owners paying only their fair share and assures them that the assessment process aims for justice and equality. Championing Fair Assessments In … Read more

Boeing Delivers Orca XLUUV: A Game-Changing Unmanned Undersea Weapon for the US Navy

The U.S. Navy has officially received the first Orca Extra Large Uncrewed Undersea Vehicle (XLUUV) from Boeing. This autonomous submarine, weighing 80 tons, is part of a new class designed for extended, critical missions, aiming to enhance undersea maritime dominance in diverse and challenging environments. Cutting-Edge Capabilities and Future Applications Boeing’s Orca XLUUV completed its … Read more

California’s $750 Monthly Stipend: Unveiling Spending Patterns as Proof of Universal Basic Income Success

For an entire year, approximately 100 homeless individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County, California, experienced a unique initiative—a $750 monthly stipend, provided without any questions asked. The recently released results of the first half of a comprehensive study conducted by the University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social … Read more

Republicans in Iowa Unfazed: Examining Trump’s Immigration Talk in the Face of Hitler Allusions

During a campaign speech in Iowa on Tuesday night, former President Donald Trump escalated his divisive rhetoric on immigration, claiming that illegal immigrants are “destroying the blood of our country.” He emphatically denied having read Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” manifesto, a statement that added to the controversy surrounding his inflammatory remarks. Republican Response and Public … Read more

Why the US Won’t Provide Blanket Protection for Chinese Shipping in the Red Sea

In response to ongoing attacks by Houthi rebels on foreign shipping in the Red Sea, the United States has initiated a maritime security plan. The first imperative step involves President Joe Biden authorizing airstrikes and missile attacks targeting Houthi forces in Yemen. Collaborating with key allies such as France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, all … Read more