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Salt Lake City Man Convicted of Murder After Alcohol Theft at House Party Turns Fatal

A 40-year-old man, Levon Meguerditchian, has been found guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, and firearm charges following an incident that unfolded at his home during a house party in Salt Lake City’s Sugar House neighborhood. The tragic event took place on Aug. 28, 2021, when attendees allegedly absconded with a bottle of alcohol from … Read more

Georgia, Albany, Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault, Fire Incident

A shocking incident has emerged as police arrested a 64-year-old man, Henry Hardwick, for allegedly setting his wife on fire in their home in the 400 block of Bobbitt Drive. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responded to the scene on Tuesday, Oct. 24, to find 67-year-old Amanda Jenkins unresponsive, suffering from 25% burns to her lower … Read more

Florida Couple Accused of Torturing Teen Girl in ‘House of Horrors’ Released from Custody

According to a report and county records, a Florida couple accused of torturing a teenage girl for years by carrying her and dousing her in boiling water at a place that the prosecution referred to as a “house of horrors” appear to have been released from detention. The Miami Herald reports that Latricia Elizabeth Crawley, … Read more

Attorney Alex Murdaugh Seeks New Trial in Wife and Son Murders Case – South Carolina

On the 28th of October After being found guilty of the murders of his wife and adult son, disgraced former attorney Alex Murdaugh has officially filed a motion for a new trial in South Carolina. Murdaugh, who filed the request in Colleton County, South Carolina was convicted of murder in March for the shooting deaths … Read more

Controversy Erupts as Individuals Facing Burglary and Theft Charges, Identified as Illegal Aliens, Are Released from Jail- Chicago, Illinois

A couple of illegal Venezuelans were caught in a Chicago suburb and charged with burglary and theft after being lured into the area under the Windy City’s sanctuary policy. Illegal Venezuelan Immigrants Charged with Theft and Burglary Released under Chicago’s Sanctuary Policy Following their arrests, both were freed from jail. Venezuelans Abel Barrios-Estava and Rafael … Read more

Last-Minute Stay of Execution for Death Row Inmate as Victim’s Sister Advocates for Mercy – Houston, Texas

William Keith Speer’s execution was postponed yesterday “pending further order” by the court, a mere five hours before his scheduled lethal injection. Speer, who has spent all except the initial 16 years of his life in prison, the most of which he spent on death row after he strangled fellow prisoner Gary Dickerson to death … Read more

Robert Card, a major massacre suspect in Maine, was discovered dead from an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound – Lewiston, Maine

According to law enforcement officials, Robert Card, the man suspected in the massacre that took place in Lewiston, Maine on Wednesday and left eighteen people dead, has been discovered dead. The card was discovered by Maine State Police on Friday at 7:45 p.m., according to law enforcement sources. According to David St. Pierre of the Lewiston … Read more

Tragic Loss: 4 Deaf Friends Among the Victims of the Maine Mass Shootings – Lewiston, Maine

A group of friends, including some who are deaf, got together to play cornhole on Wednesday night at Schemengees Bar and Grille in Lewiston, Maine. Seven people were killed inside the restaurant and one person outside when a shooter broke into it at 7:00 p.m. that evening and started shooting at innocent bystanders. Tragedy Strikes … Read more

Tragedy Strikes: 21-Year-Old Dies After Consuming Panera’s ‘Charged’ Lemonade, Parents Seek Answer – Pennsylvanias”

A lawsuit was brought by the parents of a 21-year-old University of Pennsylvania student, who claimed that Panera’s Charged Lemonade was a factor in their daughter’s demise. The parents of Sarah Katz claimed that the Charged Lemonade from Panera, which the restaurant chain advertises online as its “ultimate energy drink,” is “unreasonably dangerous” and that … Read more

“A Year of Injustice: How a Drink Driver Kept His License After Taking My Daughter’s Life”

Families all around the UK woke up to gifts and fairy lights on Christmas Day 2021, as their loved ones were popping prosecco. However, Debbie Clack’s day consisted of her nervously waiting at her daughter Lillie’s hospital bedside—every mother’s worst fear. In the wee hours of the morning, the 21-year-old was involved in an automobile … Read more