A Florida woman is accused of killing her husband while on vacation, along with her two sons.

The Dixie County Sheriff’s Office reports that the family of a tourist discovered dead in a North Florida canal has been placed under arrest on charges of falsifying evidence. On July 25, 2021, searchers found David Rainey’s submerged body close to Suwannee. According to authorities, the evidence showed that Rainey had been fatally stabbed.

Florida Woman and Sons Arrested for Tampering with Evidence in Husband’s Murder

In the case of the murder, a suspect has not yet been identified. However, according to a case update released by the sheriff’s office on October 27, it is thought that his wife, Cindy Rainey, and their boys, Jack and Bailey Rainey, tampered with the murder scene. Charges of tampering with evidence led to the three’s arrest on October 25, according to officials. The accusations’ specifics have not been made public.

While on vacation with their family, David Rainey’s wife, Cindy Rainey, reported him missing, according to the sheriff’s office. “Later on, the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office discovered David Rainey’s lifeless body in a canal close to their rental home. After his death, David Rainey was dumped in the sea and suffered several chest knife wounds.

Approximately 140 miles east of Suwannee, near Palm Coast, resided Rainey and his spouse. According to a 2021 Facebook post by officials, the couple had booked a cottage for the weekend and was lodging with “their children, and (a) family friend.” Cindy Rainey stated that her spouse had departed from the cabin on Saturday night “following a fight between the couple” and had never come back. According to officials, “David left behind his wallet, cell phone, and glasses.” When his body was discovered the following day, the case was declared a homicide. He was 52 years old and had been married to Cindy Rainey for 21 years, according to his obituary. About 160 miles to the north of Tampa is Suwannee.


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