US Man Used Phone, Apple Watch To Locate Daughter Who Was Killed By Hamas

Mr Waldman mentioned that his daughter had recently moved into a new apartment with their dog and was getting ready to tie the knot with her longtime partner.

According to a CNN report, the father of an Israeli-American woman who was killed by the Hamas organization at the Nova music festival said he located her corpse using the tracking feature on her phone and Apple Watch. Businessman and founder of Mellanox, a global producer of computer network solutions, Eyal Waldman, stated that Danielle, 24, was there at the event in south Israel when Hamas launched an attack that resulted in 260 deaths and numerous hostages.

He initially believed that the 24-year-old had been taken hostage by the agents. But on October 11, only hours before the interview with the publication, he learned that Danielle and her partner Noam Shai were just two of the numerous victims of the terrorists’ heinous murders.

“Three hours later, I found the car they were in and headed south across Israel. We located the vehicle and some of Danielle’s possessions, and we were certain that this was the vehicle she was in since we had gotten an emergency call from her cell phone, which has a crash call feature,” he said to i24NEWS, an Israeli news outlet.

Father Describes Tragic Ambush by Hamas Operatives

He compared the state of affairs to that of a car that seemed to be trapped and assaulted by Hamas. “I have witnessed firsthand how she was killed by at least three to five individuals who assaulted it from two different angles. At least three guns were firing at the car, based on the shells that we have collected,” the businessman told CNN.

He added that Danielle, her boyfriend, and two or three other young revelers had jumped into a white Toyota to get away from the group, but the AK assault rifle-wielding operators had slain them.

When Mr. Waldman last communicated with Danielle, she mentioned that the two were getting married soon. Sadly, though, this means they will now be buried together. The father gave CNN a description of her, saying, “Everyone who has met her has loved her.” She hasn’t harmed anyone or done anything wrong.”

It was Danielle and Noam’s dog’s first time living in their new flat. “We will now need to decide what to do with all of their possessions as they had only been there for a few weeks,” he said to the news agency.


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