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190,000 Affected: Roper St. Francis Healthcare to Pay $1.5M in Data Breach Lawsuit Settlement!

Roper St. Francis Healthcare Provider Faces Fallout from Data Breach Proposed Settlement Offers Compensation  According to the U.S. Sun, a big problem happened with the Roper St. Francis Healthcare company and now many people might get money because of it. The company Roper St. Francis Healthcare is in trouble because of a data breach in … Read more

$1.6M Norton Abrasive Wheels Settlement: Claim Your Share if Purchased Between 2017-2024 – Deadline April 17, 2024!

Misleading Product Claims Norton Abrasive Wheels Settlement Agreement Reached According to the U.S. Sun, a lawsuit in the US claims that a company Saint-Gobain sold abrasive wheels under the name Norton with misleading “best if used by dates.” These wheels didn’t last as long as the dates suggested because of a problem with the material … Read more

$960 Maryland State House Introduces New Tax Credit: Boosting Family Support for Struggling Families!

Maryland Introduces New Tax Credit to Aid Families Supplementary Assistance is Available but Criteria Apply According to the U.S. Sun, Maryland’s State House has made a new rule to help families with money problems. They made a special new tax credit for families with kids. This new tax credit adds to the one already given … Read more

$18.2M for Privacy Violations: Fast-Food Giants Settle Data Breach Lawsuits- Five Guys Pays Unknown Amount!

Five Guys Settles Lawsuit Over Data Breach Wendy’s Resolves Lawsuit on Improper Biometric Data Use According to the U.S. Sun, Five Guys, and Wendy’s, two popular fast-food chains have settled lawsuits linked to data breaches. Five Guys faced a case because about 38,000 employees had their info stolen in 2022. Even though Five Guys said … Read more

Thousands Worth for 2020 & 2021: File Taxes to Claim Stimulus Rebates – Are You Qualified?

Time is Running Out for Government Stimulus Rebates Chance to Get Money Back According to the U.S. Sun, As the deadline gets closer, people who can get money back from the government stimulus rebates for the past four years should act fast. They might have missed out on getting stimulus rebates but they could still … Read more

$500 Monthly GRIT Payments for a Year – Meet the Criteria!

Financial Assistance for Single-Parent Families Addressing Systemic Issues According to  U.S. Sun, in Tacoma, Washington, a new program called GRIT (Growing Resilience in Tacoma) is starting. It’s run by the United Way of Pierce County and aims to help 175 people with lower incomes. This Monthly GRIT Payments gives $6,000 over 12 months to single-parent families … Read more