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President Biden Landmark Healthcare Policy: Opening Obamacare to DACA Recipients Expected to Benefit 100,000 Uninsured Individuals

President Biden Formalizes Landmark Policy: DACA Recipients Gain Access to Obamacare, Expanding Healthcare Coverage President Biden’s Healthcare Initiative: Opening Obamacare to DACA Recipients Expected to Benefit 100,000 Uninsured Individuals President Biden’s administration has formalized a significant policy shift opening up Obamacare health insurance exchanges to individuals who arrived in the US illegally as children and … Read more

30 Million Borrowers Student Loan Relief Plan of President Biden Administration: Aiming Close Racial Wealth Gap!

President Biden’s Plan to Tackle Minority Student Loan Debt President Biden Aims to Address Racial Disparities in Student Debt According to Afro Tech, President Biden is making plans to help minority borrowers who have a lot of student loan debt. President Biden’s goal is to reach more than 30 million borrowers especially Black American borrowers … Read more

President Biden Extends Obamacare Deadline Amidst Medicaid Protection End: Aiming to Maintain Health Coverage Before November Election – Check It Out!

Threatening Health Insurance for Low-Income Americans Biden Administration Extends Obamacare Sign-Up Deadline According to Politico, President Biden is facing a big problem before the November election. Many low-income Americans are at risk of losing their health insurance because special protection for Medicaid a health program for low-income people has ended. This has led to millions … Read more

Biden Administration Under Fire: 7.2 Million Illegal Immigrants Enter US

Surge in Illegal Southwest Border Crossings Border Encounters Under Biden Administration Outpace Previous Records According to American Military News, data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) shows that over 7.3 million people have entered the U.S. illegally across the southwest border since President Biden took office. This number is higher than the populations of … Read more

DUI Driver Collides with SUV in President Biden’s Motorcade; No Injuries Reported

President and First Lady Unharmed as Motorcade Incident Occurs in Wilmington, Delaware In a startling incident, a sedan crashed into an SUV that was part of President Joe Biden’s motorcade on Sunday night. The president and First Lady Jill Biden emerged unscathed from the collision, which took place as they were leaving a dinner at … Read more

Camp David Summit: Biden’s Response to Chinese Threat Draws Global Attention

President Biden’s first international meeting at Camp David Summit and its role in addressing the emerging Chinese threat. The uniqueness of this summit as one of the last available options for the United States to tackle the complex challenges posed by China.   President Biden’s Indo-Pacific Summit to Address the Growing Chinese Threat Fox Business … Read more