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Data Defense: Biden’s Stand Against China’s Reach

Biden Aims to Stop Selling Data to Enemy Countries Worries Rise About Data Safety and Privacy Due to Exploitation Concerns According to Stars and Stripes, the Biden administration plans to stop data brokers and companies from selling sensitive personal information to countries like China, Russia, and Iran. They worry that these nations might use for … Read more

Chinese Firms Caught in US, EU Sanctions on Russia

Multinational Sanctions Target Russian Military Support Divergent Reactions and Disputed Effectiveness According to Voa News, the United States and European Union have imposed unequaled sanctions on individuals and companies from various countries for their involvement in aiding Russia’s military actions in Ukraine. The sanctions primarily target Russian entities but also include individuals and companies from … Read more

China Takes Swift Measures to Support Yuan Amidst Stock Market Turmoil

Shanghai/Beijing, January 22: In response to the sharp decline in China’s A shares, major state-owned banks have taken proactive steps to stabilize the yuan and counter negative market sentiment. The benchmark Shanghai Composite index recorded its most significant one-day drop since April 2022, falling 2.7% on Monday. Sources with knowledge of the matter revealed that state-owned … Read more

Respiratory Illness Surge Among Chinese Children Raises Concerns in Beijing and Northern Regions

Hospitals Grapple with Influx as Health Experts Seek to Alleviate Global Worries China, the epicenter of the initial COVID-19 pandemic, is witnessing a significant rise in respiratory illnesses among children, with hospitals in Beijing and northern regions facing a surge in cases. The alarming increase in pediatric respiratory cases has garnered attention both within China … Read more

Ohio Grapples with Alarming Surge in ‘White Lung Syndrome’ Among Children

In a troubling turn of events, Ohio is facing a surge in pediatric cases of mysterious pneumonia, ominously dubbed ‘white lung syndrome,’ with 142 cases reported in Warren County since August. This marks the first outbreak of its kind in the United States, echoing concerns raised during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in … Read more

US Accused China and Russia of Blocking Unified UN Response to North Korea’s Missile Launches

US Accused China and Russia for obstructing a unified response within the UN Security Council regarding North Korea’s missile launches and the significant concern, underscoring the urgency of addressing North Korea’s actions, particularly its attempt to launch a spy satellite using ballistic missile technology. US Accused China and Russia of Impeding Unified Action on North … Read more

China’s Revived Tech Talent Recruitment Sparks Concerns over Intellectual Property Protection

China’s revival of its tech talent recruitment strategy, previously embodied by the Thousand Talents Plan (TTP), and its subsequent rebranding as the Qiming initiative. Qiming Initiative’s Stealthy Pursuit of Foreign Expertise South China Morning Post – In the wake of a decade-long effort to attract elite foreign-trained scientists through the Thousand Talents Plan (TTP), China … Read more

US China Science Research Pact Faces Renewal Uncertainty

The impending expiration and potential renewal of the US China Science and Technology Agreement (STA) which focuses on the historical significance of the agreement, its benefits for both nations, as well as the uncertainty surrounding its renewal. Examining the Future of the US China Science and Technology Agreement South China Morning Post – The fate … Read more

Anti-Satellite Missile Tests: US Proposal to Ban Space Weapons Testing Sparks Controversy

The contrasting perspectives and actions of United States and China, regarding the proposed ban on anti-satellite missile testing in space and China’s strong opposition to the US-led initiative, accusing it of promoting “fake arms control” while pursuing genuiunne military expansion. China Accuses US Proposal for Anti-Satellite Missile Testing Ban of “Fake Arms Control South China … Read more

China’s Military Drills Near Taiwan as Warning Against Collusion

The recent China’s military drills near Taiwan, framing them as a “stern warning” against perceived collusion between pro-Taiwan independence forces and foreign powers. Geopolitical Tension Escalates as China’s Military Drills Conducted Near Taiwan According to The Tribune Democrat, the Chinese military initiated a series of China’s Military Drills around Taiwan on Saturday, issuing what it … Read more