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Kate Middleton’s Doppelganger, Heidi Agan Speaks Up About Being In Video With Prince William

Kate Middleton's Doppelganger

The focus of Heidi Agan’s career has been her likeness to Princess Kate Middleton. Agan has spent more than ten years appearing at events and on television, earning her the moniker the U.K.’s most realistic Kate Middleton look-alike on her website. Kate Middleton’s Doppelganger Although Agan has always impersonated Kate, her work garnered intense attention … Read more

Amid Speculation About Kate Middleton, Rose Hanbury Reportedly Puts An End To Rumours About Prince William’s Affair

It appears that Rose Hanbury would much like not to be included in any story about Princess Kate Middleton. After Stephen Colbert popularised the theory, Hanbury, whose full real name is Sarah Rose Hanbury, 40, allegedly refuted reports that Middleton’s public absence is the result of an affair with Prince William. The Marchioness of Cholmondeley … Read more

Kim Kardashian Phrases Following Photoshop Concerns, She Is Going To Find Kate Middleton

Kim Kardashian is prepared to don her detective hat and finally unravel the mystery of the widely shared Princess Kate Middleton. Kardashian, 43, posted a picture of herself on Instagram on Saturday, March 16, with the remark, “On my path through to go find Kate.” Her hand being on the passenger door of a grey … Read more

Here’s The Story Behind The Commonwealth Day Car Photo Of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Photographer Jim Bennett shot Princess Kate Middleton on her second public appearance following her stomach surgery, but at first, he was unaware that the Princess of Wales was included in the picture. Bennett admitted that until he began going through the pictures, he was unaware that the other person alongside William, 41, was Kate, 42. … Read more

How Rumours Of Cheating Emerged Against Kate Middleton And Prince William

Though Prince William & Princess Kate Middleton have experienced ups and downs like any other couple, they are eventually expected to become the king and queen of England. One of the largest obstacles facing the Prince of Wales and his spouse in 2019 was the emergence of rumors suggesting William had a relationship with Rose … Read more

Will Kate Middleton Be There For The Easter Celebration With The Royal Family?

Many royal observers are keeping a close eye on Easter Sunday in case Princess Kate Middleton makes an appearance, despite her continued absence from the public spotlight. Following her January stomach surgery, Middleton, 42, hasn’t made any public appearances, prompting fans to inquire about her whereabouts. The Princess of Wales’s Mother’s Day portrait photo with … Read more

Find Out How Netizens Reacted On Kate Middleton’s Photoshop

Kate Middleton

Piers Morgan has commented on Princess Kate Middleton’s recent Mother’s Day photoshop gaffe, suggesting that the royal family may be concealing something. Princess Catherine has had stomach surgery, so why is she using Photoshop to make sloppy alterations to official images when they have servants who can do that kind of work? The most perplexing … Read more

Theories Added By The Celebrities Who Have Commented On The Controversy Regarding Kate Middleton

Celebrities are often offering their opinions on everything Kate Middleton. Following the Princess of Wales’ surgery and months-long disappearance from the public eye, the internet went utterly bonkers, and now several well-known figures have shared their wildest speculations about what’s going on with the royal family. On January 16, Kensington Palace revealed that Kate had … Read more

Princess Kate Was Seen For The First Time In Public Following Her Stomach Surgery

The Princess of Wales, Britain’s Catherine, was seen in public on Monday for the first time after undergoing stomach surgery in the middle of January, as seen in pictures released by the American media site TMZ. Since leaving the hospital on January 29, Princess Kate, 42, whose husband Prince William is the heir apparent to … Read more