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Theories Added By The Celebrities Who Have Commented On The Controversy Regarding Kate Middleton

Celebrities are often offering their opinions on everything Kate Middleton. Following the Princess of Wales’ surgery and months-long disappearance from the public eye, the internet went utterly bonkers, and now several well-known figures have shared their wildest speculations about what’s going on with the royal family. On January 16, Kensington Palace revealed that Kate had a “planned” stomach operation at London Clinic. Even though the “surgery was successful,” Kate wouldn’t be going back to her public appearances until Easter, according to the palace’s statement.

Kate Posted A Family Portrait

Theories regarding Kate’s health were all over social media before the photo incident or incidents occurred. First, on March 4, TMZ released a blurry image showing Kate with her mother, Carole Middleton, seated in the passenger seat of a vehicle. After that, Kate posted a Mother’s Day picture of herself from the UK on social media, that made headlines. Kate posted a family portrait that Prince William took of her with Prince George, 10, Prince Louis, 5, and Princess Charlotte, 8, on March 10. Immediately after, some online users began to assume that the photo had been digitally manipulated. As a result, the Associated Press and other prominent news organizations removed the picture.

The next day, Kate addressed the uproar on social media with a statement that said, “Like many rookie photographers, I do sometimes experiment with editing.” “I wanted to apologize if there was any misunderstanding.” Although Kate has been sighted out again, on March 11th, she along with William was captured on camera in the backseat of a vehicle. Since then, those who follow the royal family have been questioning the princess’s whereabouts, and now celebrities are joining in.

John Oliver

“I was not in. “Until the Photoshop thing, I was like, ‘Let’s just ignore this, we’ve moved on,” Oliver remarked. “At this point, it feels like you’re handling poorly in an impressive way.” “Isn’t their motto, ‘Never complain, never explain?'” Andy Cohen retorted. And after that, she explains on Twitter. Oliver retaliated by hatching his plot. He surmised, “There’s an even probability she passed away eighteen months ago.” This could be a case of Weekend at Bernie’s. Although I’m not claiming it happened, I do believe it to be non-zero until shown differently. Until she is seen sitting there holding a copy of the newspaper for that day.

Whoopi Goldberg

When her cohosts on The View began speculating about Kate on March 13, Goldberg didn’t hesitate to correct them. She began, “We bought into this, so it’s our fault.” She went on, “When you get into this kind of stuff when they begin doing it to you and your family or your kids, it’s not cute.” “It’s not enjoyable. It aggravates me a lot. Goldberg took on the controversy surrounding photo-editing head-on. “I believe Kate snapped a photo and thought, ‘Aha, his lips don’t look right, her butt doesn’t look right, let me adjust it,'” the woman continued. “I think she wanted to control the narrative that was being released, so she took the photo and presented it to [the Palace].” “This is all speculation, and we’re having fun,” Goldberg said in closing. Please understand that we are aware of our ignorance.

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