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How Rumours Of Cheating Emerged Against Kate Middleton And Prince William

Though Prince William & Princess Kate Middleton have experienced ups and downs like any other couple, they are eventually expected to become the king and queen of England. One of the largest obstacles facing the Prince of Wales and his spouse in 2019 was the emergence of rumors suggesting William had a relationship with Rose Hanbury, who is known to be the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Hanbury attended both the Cambridges’ 2011 wedding and Prince Philip’s 2021 memorial service, demonstrating his close friendship with the family. The former model’s relationship with the royal family dates back many years; in 1947, when William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, married Philip, her grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambert, was a bridesmaid.

Alleged Of Having An Affair

Elizabeth’s Lord Great Chamberlain was Hanbury’s husband, David Cholmondeley, who held the position from 1990 until her passing in 2022. Following the ascension of King Charles III, William’s father, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, assumed the role of a lord-in-waiting. 2019 saw the start of rumors regarding William and Hanbury’s alleged affair when several media sources revealed that Kate and her pal had a falling out over the claimed infidelity. Though royal observers never gave up looking for hints, Kensington Palace never responded to the rumors.

Regarding Prince George (born in 2013), Princess Charlotte (born in 2015), and Prince Louis (born in 2018), an insider close to the Middletons told Us Weekly in June 2019 that “Kate finds the rumors hurtful, undoubtedly, and hates the idea that one day her kids will be eligible to read stuff about them online.” The insider continued by saying that the couple was genuinely motivated to concentrate more on their marriage by the rumors. The source said that incident made her and William take a step back and evaluate their relationship, something they realized they ought to have been pursuing more of.

Internet Detectives’ Speculations

After the rumors gained media attention, a second insider stated that the couple, who met while enrolled at the University of St Andrews as undergraduates in Scotland, was “doing an excellent job at getting their marriage back on track again.” “Kate and William are not different from anyone else in that it’s not uncommon to encounter a few hiccups regarding a marriage, particularly after eight years,” the source told Us. They haven’t stopped working. Their children are the most crucial component in their lives, and they adore each other despite their ups and downs.

When rumors circulated in March 2024 regarding Kate’s recuperation after an undisclosed surgery, Stephen Colbert revisited the drama surrounding the affair. Internet detectives speculate that Kate’s absence might be connected to an affair between her husband and William, the upcoming King of England. Colbert made a joke about Hanbury, saying, “I think we all know who the other woman is, it is none other than The Marchioness of Cholmondeley.” Since 2019, there have been rumors that William and [Rose] were having an affair. Then, when Kate allegedly questioned him about it, he ‘laughed it off, insisting there was not a single thing to it,’ according to tabloids. Aha, that’s always an excellent approach to respond to your wife’s infidelity accusations.

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