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Amid Speculation About Kate Middleton, Rose Hanbury Reportedly Puts An End To Rumours About Prince William’s Affair

It appears that Rose Hanbury would much like not to be included in any story about Princess Kate Middleton. After Stephen Colbert popularised the theory, Hanbury, whose full real name is Sarah Rose Hanbury, 40, allegedly refuted reports that Middleton’s public absence is the result of an affair with Prince William. The Marchioness of Cholmondeley was mentioned by name on Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and on Saturday, March 16, Hanbury’s attorneys purportedly told Business Insider, “The rumors are completely false.”

Connecting Kate’s Disappearance

On the March 12 episode of his late-night program, Colbert, 59, stated, “I’m afraid I’ve got some disturbing news about England’s royal family.” “Online detectives speculate that Kate’s disappearance could be connected to her husband, William, who will eventually become King of England, having an affair.” About the supposed infidelity, Colbert stated that he was “ready to spill the tea.” Colbert went on, addressing Hanbury, “I think we all know who the other woman is, repeat with me, it is none other than The Marchioness of Cholmondeley.” Since 2019, there have been rumors that William and [Hanbury] were having an affair. Then, when Kate allegedly questioned him about it, he ‘laughed it off, insisting there wasn’t anything to it,’ according to tabloids.

Aha, that’s always an excellent approach to respond to your wife’s infidelity accusations. Regarding the affair rumors, Kensington Palace has not yet responded. Hanbury has long maintained a close relationship with the royal family; she was there at Prince Philip’s 2021 funeral ceremony as well as William, 41, and Kate’s 2011 wedding. A former model, she wed their predecessor Lord Great Chamberlain of the United Kingdom, David Cholmondeley, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, in 2009. When several outlets revealed that Hanbury and Kate had a breakdown regarding the alleged adultery in 2019, rumors that she and William were having an affair began to circulate.

Rumors Of The Affair Surfacing Now

About her three children with William, Prince George, 10, Prince Louis, 5, and Princess Charlotte, 8, a source informed Us Weekly in 2019 that “Kate finds the rumors hurtful, surely, and dislikes the idea that at some point her children will be able to read about them online.” The same insider said, “It made her and William take a step back and look at their relationship, that they realized they would have been performing more often.” The rumors of the affair have recently surfaced again while Kate recovers from an intended abdominal surgery that she had in January.

Online sleuths have conjectured that the Princess of Wales is involved in more sinister activities due to her dearth of public appearances. In honor of Mother’s Day in the UK on March 10, Kate shared a selfie on social media. However, astute viewers quickly noticed Kate was missing her wedding band. Not only did rumors of problems in paradise begin to circulate, but Kate has subsequently verified rumors that the shot was fraudulently altered. She revealed via X on March 11 that, “Like many beginner photographers, I also occasionally experiment with editing.” “I wanted to apologize for any misunderstanding that may have arisen from the family photo we shared yesterday. I sincerely hope that Mother’s Day was enjoyed by all who participated.

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