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Regarding Schumer’s demand for a new Israeli government, Biden said that he “made a good speech”

On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer’s demand for elections in Israel and his harsh criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu, the country’s prime minister, were commended by President Joe Biden. The highest senior Jewish political figure in American history, Chuck Schumer, warned Netanyahu sharply on Thursday from the Senate floor, saying that exactly how the prime … Read more

Comer Downplays Role of Indicted Informant in Biden Impeachment Probe

Comer Supports Investigation into Claims by Smirnov Challenges and Continuation of Impeachment Inquiry According to New York Post, James Comer, the House Oversight Chair, expressed his support for examining claims made by Alexander Smirnov, an FBI informant charged with making false statements. Comer believes these accusations though unverified, are sufficient grounds for an investigation into … Read more

Reversing Course: House China Panel Urges Biden on TikTok Policy

Gallagher Urges Biden to Reconsider TikTok Decision Bipartisan Concerns Emerge Over Biden’s TikTok Debut According to The Telegraph, Mike Gallagher, who leads the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has persuasively urged President Joe Biden to change course and not join TikTok, a video-sharing platform. Gallagher believes that persisting on this course … Read more

Netanyahu Defends Biden’s Mental Fitness Against ‘Elderly Old Man’ Accusations

In an appearance with ABC’s This Week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defends Biden’s mental health and denied claims that he was losing his mind, according to Media Ite. Netanyahu Defends Biden: Netanyahu’s Supportive Remarks During the interview, Netanyahu defends of Biden’s mental decline, citing personal interactions with the President, including phone conversations and a … Read more

Xi Jinping Extends Olive Branch to the U.S. Amid Economic Concerns

In a diplomatic gesture aimed at fostering cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed China’s readiness to be a partner and friend of the United States during a speech to US business leaders on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. His remarks, delivered in San Francisco, come amid growing concerns about China’s economic … Read more

The Biden Administration Urges U.S. Schools and Colleges to Combat Antisemitism and Islamophobia

The Biden administration has issued a stern warning to schools and colleges across the United States, calling on them to take immediate action to address the alarming increase in incidents related to antisemitism and Islamophobia on their campuses. This directive comes in response to the uptick in threats and harassment that have disrupted the educational … Read more

President Joe Biden’s New Student Loan Repayment Plan Has Now 4 Million Signups

In the two weeks since its late July launch, 4 million people have signed up for the new student loan repayment plan program from the Biden administration. As student loan payments are about to start in October following a years-long halt due to the global crisis, more than 4 million people have already signed up … Read more

Hurricane Idalia Update: Gov. Ron DeSantis And President Joe Biden Faced Leadership Tests

Biden and DeSantis speak to commit support for Hurricane Idalia recovery efforts. In order to show leadership during the historic storm and once more demonstrate their ability to cooperate despite their competition, Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden faced new leadership tests as Hurricane Idalia slammed into Florida’s Gulf coast on Wednesday morning as … Read more

Technology In Chinese Sectors Received Restriction Order by President Joe Biden

The Biden administration plans to restrict certain American investments in specific technology in Chinese industries. President Joe Biden issued an executive order on Wednesday prohibiting Americans from making investments in specific technology in Chinese industries, citing the possibility that such transactions would lead to the development of military or intelligence capabilities. The Treasury Department will … Read more