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Hurricane Idalia Update: Gov. Ron DeSantis And President Joe Biden Faced Leadership Tests

Biden and DeSantis speak to commit support for Hurricane Idalia recovery efforts.

Hurricane Idalia Update: Gov. Ron DeSantis And President Joe Biden Faced Leadership Tests (Photo: Politico)

In order to show leadership during the historic storm and once more demonstrate their ability to cooperate despite their competition, Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden faced new leadership tests as Hurricane Idalia slammed into Florida’s Gulf coast on Wednesday morning as a Category 3 tropical hurricane.

Gov. Ron DeSantis returned to Tallahassee over the weekend after finishing the Republican primary campaign route in Iowa.

Even though he is a long way behind primary favorite Donald Trump, the governor set out to demonstrate that he can steer the state through a crisis while running for the White House.

After receiving harsh criticism from Republicans, including DeSantis, for his response to the horrific wildfires in Hawaii earlier this month, President Joe Biden now faces another natural calamity.

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DeSantis, who is fighting for the Republican nomination against Biden in November 2024, and Biden have a history of working together in times of crisis.

In order to work together to respond to Hurricane Ian, which killed 149 people in Florida and caused more than $100 billion in damages, Biden and DeSantis put their disagreements aside last October. 

After a condo tower collapsed in Surfside, Florida in July 2021, killing 98 people, Biden went there to speak with DeSantis and emergency personnel.

Following the condo tragedy, Biden and DeSantis maintained good relations, with the governor applauding the administration for reducing bureaucratic red tape in his interactions with the federal government.

In their discussions regarding Hurricane Idalia this week, Biden noted on Wednesday, that he and DeSantis avoided politics.

In light of the persistent concerns voters have about his age ahead of the 2024 race, Biden is attempting to demonstrate composure with his administration’s disaster response.

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