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$4M Contract for Environmental Hazmat Services to Tackle Homelessness Waste Crisis in Denver – City Also Addresses Border Crisis Spending Over $63M!

Protest Sparks Awareness City Council Takes Environmental Hazmat Services Action According to Just The News, Denver is facing a big problem after Jon Caldara who leads a think tank made a strong protest by leaving human waste at the City and County Building. This action reminded everyone about the city’s ongoing struggle with homelessness. As … Read more

$29B Unemployment Fraud and $256B Debt Loom Over State’s Future – California Financial Crisis Deepens!

California Financial Crisis Report Reveals $29 Billion Loss California Financial Crisis – Budget Cuts and Reserve Depletion According to Just The News, California is facing big money problems because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They finally released their financial report for 2021-2022 and it’s not good. Due to California financial crisis they lost $29 billion because … Read more

California Debates Home Loan Program for Undocumented Immigrants: Fairness and Affordability Concerns!

Lawmakers Propose Inclusion of Undocumented Immigrants in Home Loan Program State Senator Brian Dahle Criticizes Proposal According to Just The News, California lawmakers want to let undocumented immigrants join a Home Loan Program. It’s called the California Dream for All Shared Appreciation Loans. But some people are unhappy about it. State Senator Brian Dahle thinks … Read more