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Albuquerque Police Arrest 11-Year-Old After Month-Long Crime Spree: 15 Incidents Involving Car Thefts, Shootings, and Burglaries

Albuquerque Police Arrest 11-Year-Old After Month-Long Crime Spree of Car Thefts and Shootings 11-Year-Old Arrested by Albuquerque Police for Car Thefts and Shootings in Month-Long Crime Wave Albuquerque, New Mexico police have apprehended an 11-year-old boy after a month-long crime spree involving car thefts, shootings and burglaries that terrorized local residents, according to the published … Read more

Biden’s ObamaCare Extension for DACA Recipients Sparks GOP Backlash: Immigration Policy Divides Congress

Republican Lawmakers Clash with Biden Over ObamaCare Extension to DACA Recipients, Fueling Immigration Debate Biden’s ObamaCare Extension to DACA Recipients Sparks GOP Backlash: Immigration Policy Divides Congress The Biden administration’s move to extend ObamaCare eligibility to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants particularly those protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, has … Read more

Tragedy in Charlotte Shootout Leaves Community Shattered, Sparks Intensive Investigations

Tragic Shootout Leaves Charlotte Community Reeling Four Officers Dead, Four Injured Charlotte Shootout Update Suspect Terry Clark Hughes Jr. Clashes with Police According to Fox News, A deadly shootout in Charlotte, North Carolina, has left Americans feeling shocked and sad. Four police officers died, and four others got hurt when they tried to serve a … Read more

LA4LA Initiative Karen Bass’s Bold Move to Fight Los Angeles Homelessness Crisis

LA Mayor Bass Launches LA4LA Initiative to Address Homelessness Crisis Private Donations Fuel LA4LA Initiative to Accelerate Homeless Housing Solutions According to Fox News, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass is addressing the city’s significant homelessness problem, with over 40,000 people lacking housing. In her State of the City speech, she introduced “LA4LA,” a plan to … Read more

Doubts Surround Bryan Kohberger’s Alibi in University Student Murders

Bryan Kohberger’s lawyers assert his alibi of nighttime drives amid skepticism DNA presence at crime scene raises doubts about Bryan Kohberger’s alibi defense According to Fox News, Bryan Kohberger the prime suspect in the home invasion stabbing that resulted in the deaths of four University of Idaho students says he was driving around during the … Read more

Denver Allocate $45.9 Million for Migrant Programs, $8 Million Cut from Police Budget

Denver Allocate $45.9 Million to Aid Migrants, Cutting $8 Million from Police Budget Denver Allocate $45.9 Million for Migrant Support, Cutting $8 Million from Police Budget A city led by Democrats is making changes to help migrants planning to spend $45.9 million on programs for newcomers, according to the published article of FOX NEWS. This … Read more

2024 Act Reparations of Maryland – Tax Revenue to Fund Community Reinvestment and Repair for Cannabis Law Victims!

Maryland Senator Jill Carter Proposes Reparations Act Senator Carter Seeks to Allocate State Tax Funds to Community Reinvestment and Repair Fund According to Fox News, Maryland Senator Jill Carter who represents Baltimore City, wants to pass the 2024 Act Reparations of Maryland. This 2024 Act Reparations of Maryland aims to use some of the state’s … Read more

Governor Hochul Condemns Release of Migrants in New York Who Were Accused of Attacking NYPD Officers, Calls for Prosecution

New York Governor Kathy Hochul expresses outrage over the release of migrants accused of assaulting NYPD officers in Times Square, emphasizing the need for prosecution amidst criticism of the justice system’s handling of the case, according to Fox News. Governor Hochul Demands Accountability in Wake of NYPD Assault by Migrants in New York Governor Hochul … Read more

Carjackings in Washington DC Surge in 2024, Claiming Former Trump Official Mike Gill’s Life

In a tragic turn of events, FoxNews reported about the carjackings in Washington DC that have reached a distressing spike this year, with the latest incident resulting in the death of former Trump administration official Mike Gill. Carjackings in the city have maintained a record-setting pace, echoing the alarming trend from the previous year. Unprecedented … Read more