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$19.6M Federal Funding: San Diego County Plans to Revive Migrant Transitional Center Amidst 800-1000 Daily Street Releases

San Diego County Secures $19.6 Million Federal Funding to Aid Migrants

Federal Funding Allocated to San Diego County for Migrant Assistance

San Diego County got $19.6 million from the federal government to help migrants, according to the published article of Fox5 . They want to use the money to reopen a place where migrants can get help. This place closed because it ran out of money after four months.

The plan is to make a place where migrants can go after they are processed by Border Patrol. At this place, they can get food, shelter, and help with travel. The hope is to stop Border Patrol from releasing migrants on the streets without help.

Most of the county supervisors voted to use the money for this plan. Only one supervisor disagreed. But most people think it’s important to use the money to help migrants.

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(photo: CBS 8)

Federal Funding Bolsters Efforts to Support Migrants in San Diego

The closure of the old center caused problems for migrants and groups trying to help them. Now, with the new money, there’s hope to fix this situation. It’s important to make sure migrants get the help they need.

Leaders from California pushed for this federal funding. They want to make sure migrants have what they need. The money will help make this happen in San Diego.

As more details about the money come out and Americans will work together to use it wisely. The goal is to open a new center for migrants and make sure they’re taken care of.

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