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$6,200 Subsidy Scam Alert – Officials Warn Against Sharing Personal Information

False $6,200 Subsidy Claim Spreads on Facebook, Raising Concerns About Scam Tactics

Officials Sound Alarm Over Dubious $6,200 Subsidy Offer Circulating on Social Media Warn Against Sharing Personal Information

According to USAToday, a Facebook post (SCREENSHOT, POST) is spreading a concerning claim that Americans over 25 can receive over $6,200 for groceries and expenses. It’s based on a screenshot of an email from the Subsidy Department offering $6,298 for those earning under $5,000 monthly. Many are skeptical fearing it’s a scam to collect personal information. Officials caution against trusting such promises, as they often turn out to be scams targeting Americans.

Right now there’s no real proof or official announcement about this subsidy program until there’s solid evidence from trusted sources, it’s best to be careful and not give out personal information online. It’s a good reminder to stay cautious and double-check information before doing anything risky.

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$6,200 Subsidy Scam Alert – Officials Warn Against Sharing Personal Information (PHOTO: X )

Protect Yourself Online Tips to Avoid Scams and Fake News on Social Media

Before sharing online, double-check personal information because social media often contains fake news. Question anything overly shocking as scammers exploit trust and the desire for assistance. Avoid giving personal information or financial details unless requested by trusted sources, as legitimate government programs rarely seek such information through emails or social media. Stay cautious and skeptical to prevent falling victim to scams and frauds.

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