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ATM Robbers Trigger Investigation: Clark County Sheriff’s Office Probes Bold Heist in Hazel Dell

 At that moment, a pair of unidentified ATM robbers made their appearance in an unregistered Kia sedan.

After successfully looting the ATM, one of the individuals from the gang of ATM robbers rendezvoused with the second man in the back passenger seat of the Kia. (Photo: Google)

Law enforcement agencies are actively engaged in the pursuit of two ATM robbers who are the prime suspects in a daring robbery that unfolded in the vicinity of Hazel Dell.

According to an article published by KPTV, authorities are in pursuit of two ATM robbers involved in an ATM robbery in Hazel Dell. The incident transpired at the 7404 NE Hwy 99 Vancouver Bank of America when an ATM technician was addressing a malfunction at approximately 12:38 p.m.

During this time, two unidentified men, suspected ATM robbers, arrived in a non-registered Kia sedan. One of the culprits, a member of the ATM robbers, donning a mask and gloves, forcefully pushed the technician to the ground and proceeded to pilfer money from the malfunctioning ATM.

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Meanwhile, the second individual, also part of the ATM robbers, remained in the driver’s seat of the Kia.

According to an article published by NewsBreak, after acquiring the money, the robber from the group of ATM robbers joined the second man in Kia’s back passenger seat. The duo rapidly fled the scene, making their way northbound on I-5.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is seeking public assistance in identifying the suspects, who are ATM robbers, responsible for the robbery. Those with any pertinent information have been urged to get in touch with Detective Tanya Johnson via email at [email protected].

The investigation continues as law enforcement aims to locate and apprehend the two suspects, both ATM robbers, involved in the ATM heist.

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