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Oregon Man Attempts Breaking Out of Jail After Alleged Kidnapping and Assault

The failed attempt of Negasi Zuberi from breaking out of jail, an accused kidnapper facing charges related to a disturbing case of kidnapping and assault.

Suspect accused of confining Seattle woman in cinderblock cell tries breaking out of Jail. (Photo: ABC7 San Francisco)

Accused Kidnapper Negasi Zuberi’s Breaking Out of Jail Attempt

AP News – Negasi Zuberi, the 29-year-old Oregon man facing charges of kidnapping a woman in Seattle and imprisoning her in a cinder block cell, has now found himself in deeper legal trouble. Zuberi’s recent attempt at breaking out of jail from his own cell at the Jackson County Jail in Oregon was unsuccessful, according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. While the exterior windows of the facility are made of reinforced glass, Zuberi managed to damage only the interior layer during his escape attempt, leading to additional charges of attempted escape and disorderly conduct.

The incident of breaking out of jail came to light when a vigilant maintenance worker heard a suspicious noise emanating from Zuberi’s cell. Deputies subsequently discovered Zuberi near the chipped window, standing on his bunk bed with what appeared to be an improvised tool for breaking out of jail.

In response to the attempted breaking out of jail, Zuberi has been transferred to a cell without exterior windows to prevent further escape attempts.

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Zuberi’s Alleged Crimes and Possible Victims

According to the article of My Northwest, Zuberi’s charges are the result of a horrifying sequence of events in which he allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman in Seattle before transporting her to his southern Oregon residence. There, he confined her, and she took matters into her hands, breaking out of jail within the cinderblock cell. Fortunately, the victim managed to escape and seek help, shedding light on the severity of the crime and prompting a wider investigation.

Law enforcement officials are now concerned about the possibility of Zuberi having other victims as well, which has led to increased attention on preventing future attempts of breaking out of jail.

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