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Rental Rate Increase: States with the Highest Rent Growth in 2023 After Post-Pandemic Surge

The rental market in the United States is undergoing significant transformations in 2023, with several states standing out for their substantial rental rate increase.

The initial disruptions caused by the pandemic were followed by a rebound in rental prices due to skyrocketing rental rate increase that made owning a home unaffordable for many. (Photo: Morgan County Citizen)

Rental Rate Increase Show Signs of Slowing After Post-Pandemic Surge

Magnolia State Live – The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about significant fluctuations in the rental market, with rental rate increase experiencing a surge followed by a gradual deceleration in growth. Data from Apartment List reveals that rental rates in the United States grew by a modest 2.6% in the first seven months of 2023, indicating a slowing trend compared to the immediate post-pandemic period. This shift comes after years of escalating rental prices, particularly amplified in the wake of the pandemic’s impact.

In the years leading up to the pandemic, renters had already been grappling with mounting financial pressures as rental rate increases steadily climbed. However, the most substantial challenges arose during the pandemic and its aftermath. Initially, as individuals departed major cities, there was a brief decline in average rent prices due to reduced demand.

Nevertheless, this trend reversed course as housing prices surged, making homeownership an elusive dream for many. Since March 2020, the median rent in the U.S. rose by a staggering 22.4% to reach $1,372, reflecting the significant burden placed on renters’ budgets.

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Exploring States with Surging Housing Costs

According to the article of Stacker, the rental rate increase in 2023 reflects a noteworthy moderation in growth, attributed in part to the completion of apartment projects initiated during the pandemic. An influx of around 1 million multifamily rental units is projected to mitigate demand pressures by 2024, but questions remain about how effectively this will address the ongoing issue of rental rate increases.

Here are the list of states with substantial rental rate increase based from the Apartment List;

  1. North Dakota: Elevated homeownership costs intensify rental market competition. Reduced vacancy rates and population growth amplify rent hikes.
  2. Nebraska: Rapid population growth outpaces housing supply, particularly around Omaha and Lincoln. Residential construction struggles to match demand, influencing rising rental prices.
  3. Wyoming: Regulatory challenges and the conclusion of rental assistance programs impede Wyoming’s response to demand, exacerbating a shortage of affordable units.
  4. Illinois: Chicago’s affordability crisis prompts population shifts. Despite anticipated new units, rental housing scarcity prevails, especially in sought-after neighborhoods. Job growth fuels demand in other areas.
  5. Wisconsin: Demand from those opting for solo living propels rental growth. Diminishing household sizes despite population growth amplify demand. Building costs drive rent hikes.
  6. Mississippi: Escalating home prices and interest rates drive rental demand. Landlords respond to increased costs with rent hikes, particularly noticeable in college towns.
  7. Indiana: Indianapolis grapples with affordability as rising housing costs outpace average wages. New constructions and apartment complex renovations contribute to sustained high rents.
  8. Iowa: Both single-family homes and apartments in Iowa experience rate hikes, particularly impacting younger workers and urban transplants.
  9. Arkansas: Northwest Arkansas witnesses rapid rental price surges, surpassing the state average. Intense demand keeps vacancy rates below 3%, while commercial development in Little Rock escalates rental costs.
  10. Kansas: Despite demand, insufficient development in cities like Wichita, owing to high construction costs, continues to stress the market. Overland Park, a Kansas City suburb, emerges as a top rental market for its affordability.

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