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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Minneapolis — Unveil Its Dark Side

Discover the most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Minneapolis — Unveil Its Dark Side (Photo: RVshare)

Minnesota’s largest city, Minneapolis, forms the “Twin Cities” with the nearby St. Paul, the state capital. It is famous for its parks and lakes and is divided by the Mississippi River. Despite being one of the best city lies behind the shadow that the most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis bring.

Too many misconceptions are created by Minneapolis’ neighborhoods. There are preppy places, ghettos, hipster neighborhoods, neighborhoods where college students live and many more.

Even while Minneapolis frequently rates among the best cities in which to live in part because of its robust economy and plenty of entertainment, Minneapolis is not without its issues.

The most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis according to FBI statistics include Hawthorne, Midtown Phillips, Harrison, South Minneapolis and East Phillips

With 58 to 156% more violent and property crimes per capita in these areas than the rest of the city, they consistently have the highest rates in Minneapolis. 

Minneapolis has one of the highest crime rates in America, with 57 crimes committed against per 1000 citizens. Therefore, there are some areas in the state that are considered as the most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis that you should just avoid if you are relocating, visiting, or simply driving through.

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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Minneapolis 


This Minneapolis neighborhood, which bears Nathanial Hawthorne’s name, is situated north of the city’s center. Along with Jordan and Near North, it is encircled by the Mississippi River on its eastern boundary. 

Given the neighborhood’s statistics, it is clear why the crime rate is 75% higher than the national average.

Renters make up the bulk of the population in Hawthorne, which is most likely a result of the area’s economic situation. 

The overall expenses are 12% higher despite the fact that the average income is roughly 50% lower than the national average. These unfavorable living conditions, however, lead to high crime rates.

A total of 14,644 crimes were reported in 2020, according to FBI statistics. Murder and auto theft were just two of the crimes engaged in which makes it as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

There were 10,688 property offenses and 3,956 violent crimes overall. This information is important since it shows that compared to the 4,122 total population, the crime rate is incredibly high.


Midtown Phillips

East 24th Street, Bloomington Avenue, East Lake Street and Chicago Avenue are the streets that encircle Midtown Phillips’ northern, eastern, southern and western boundaries.

The neighborhood contains over 4700 residents from a variety of origins and the land use is mostly residential, according to the 2010 Census. 

Notable employers include the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota’s Minneapolis site, Abbot Northwestern Hospital, and Allina Healthcare Services.

For the entire year of 2020, there have been 10252 crimes reported in Midtown Phillips, including burglaries, auto thefts, rapes, murders and other crimes involving property which considers it as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

Violent crime is outnumbered by property crime. There were 6435 reported property offenses and 3817 reported violent crimes.



Harrison, a district west of downtown Minneapolis, is where Prince’s childhood houses were. 

In the middle of the 20th century, the region had restrictive housing practices, and such practices are still reflected in the population. 

The local average for housing costs is somewhat higher than the national average. Statistically speaking, though, renters make up 66% of households in the neighborhood rather than homeowners.

Harrison reported 10,120 offenses in the year 2020. The reported offenses included burglaries, theft of property, rape, murder, and more, making it as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

Property crimes predominated at the time compared to violent crimes. 3,214 violent crimes per capita were reported, with 6,906 property offenses.


South Minneapolis 

South Minneapolis refers to the entire region located south of the city center. 

Southwest Minneapolis is the region west of the city’s well known Chain of Lakes, which is bordered to the east by I-35W and to the north by 36th St. W. which goes west from Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun) to the city limits.

Over the past two years, violent crimes have significantly increased in South Minneapolis. Unfortunately, murder occurs frequently in this area of the city.

In the year 2020, there were 7125 reported crimes in total, according to FBI statistics. The offenses included murder and property theft among others which makes it as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

Property offenses outnumbered violent crimes. 5012 property offenses and 2113 violent offenses per person were reported. Those values are exceptionally high for a community of 4,3’1 people.


East Phillips

East Phillips, a neighborhood in the same borough as Ventura Village is only a few blocks from downtown Minneapolis. The diversity of religions and racial origins in East Phillips contributes to its rich culture.

In East Phillips, 9020 crimes were committed in the year 2020 which makes it as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Minneapolis. This category includes crimes that are both violent and nonviolent.

In 2020, property crimes outnumbered violent crimes. There were 5263 property crimes and 3757 violent crimes. This is an extremely high crime rate in a city with a population of 5151.

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