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Arrest of Indiana Teen Driver: Late-Night Chase Ends in Dramatic Crash

A late-night incident involving an 18-year-old driver, Hunter Meeks, who led deputies on a chase that ended in a dramatic crash into a lake.

The reckless actions of the Indiana teen driver and the events that unfolded during the chase which resulted to subsequent arrest. (photo: KTV)

Indiana Teen Driver Arrested After Chase Ends in Lake Crash

16 News Now – An 18-year-old Indiana teen driver from Mentone found himself in hot water after an early morning escapade resulted in a dramatic arrest. Deputies from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office apprehended the Indiana teen driver, identified as Hunter Meeks, following a brief chase that concluded with a dramatic plunge into Lake Manitou.

The incident began when law enforcement attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a black 2001 Chevrolet Silverado around 3 a.m. According to reports, the vehicle had no visible license plate and had recently collided with a curb. Rather than complying with the stop, Indiana teen driver Meeks accelerated, sparking a pursuit.

The chase came to a startling conclusion on Mitchell Drive, where the Silverado driven by the Indiana teen driver crashed into a gazebo and pier before careening into Lake Manitou. While a 17-year-old passenger immediately surrendered to authorities, Indiana teen driver Meeks attempted to evade capture by swimming away. After a short standoff, the Indiana teen driver eventually gave in and was taken into custody, subsequently receiving medical treatment for his ordeal.

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Teenage Recklessness on the Road

As indicated in the article of Wish TV, police investigations revealed that both speed and alcohol contributed to the reckless sequence of events involving the Indiana teen driver. The 17-year-old passenger was briefly detained but later released to their family.

According to deputies, it is suspected that seat belts were not in use during the incident involving the Indiana teen driver.

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