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U.S. Department of Defense Monitors Near Miss Between NASA and Russian Satellites

The U.S. Department of Defense has intensified its surveillance efforts following a close encounter between NASA’s Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics Mission (TIMED) spacecraft and the Russian Cosmos 2221 satellite, as revealed in a recent blog post by NASA. While the likelihood of a collision is low, the potential consequences of such an event, … Read more

US Plans Nuclear Deployment in UK Amid Rising Russia Threat

In response to escalating tensions with Russia, the United States is reportedly considering deploying nuclear warheads to the United Kingdom, according to recent revelations from Pentagon documents. The move is seen as a strategic response to growing concerns among senior figures on both sides of the Atlantic about the potential for conflict between NATO forces … Read more

U.S. Accuses Russia of Financing Widespread Disinformation Campaign in Latin America

The United States has leveled allegations against Russia, accusing the nation of financing a widespread disinformation campaign that spans across Latin America. The campaign is purportedly designed to disseminate propaganda and fake news to influence public opinion in the region, with the ultimate aim of undermining support for Ukraine and fueling anti-U.S. and anti-NATO sentiments. … Read more

Diplomacy and Sanctions: U.S. Halts Russian Bid for North Korean Weapons

The United States is actively employing diplomacy and sanctions to thwart Russia’s efforts to acquire weapons for its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. Through a combination of diplomacy and sanctions, the United States is diligently striving to obstruct Russia’s endeavors to procure weapons from North Korea to support its engagement in the Ukrainian conflict. … Read more

Russia Defies Sanctions: Missile Production Surges Beyond Pre-War Levels

By the conclusion of 2022, Russia defies sanctions, and its military-industrial production showed signs of recovery. Russia defies sanctions and export controls from Western nations, managing to surpass its pre-war missile production levels. According to an article published by the Mind, despite facing Western sanctions and export controls, Russia defies sanctions and has managed to … Read more

Ukraine’s Neptune Missile: A New Threat to Russian Targets

Ukraine’s Neptune missile modification empowers the nation to precisely target critical Russian assets, including airbases, logistics hubs, and military installations, with the potential for substantial impact. The emergence of Ukraine’s Neptune missile, a modified cruise missile with the capability to penetrate deep into Russian territory, has sparked apprehensions regarding Vladimir Putin’s potential recourse to nuclear … Read more

U.S. Extends Abrams Tank Training for Ukraine Amid Ongoing Conflict, Concerns Arise

There are concerns that the initial Abrams tank training may not have adequately prepared the personnel. The United States Army has prolonged the Abrams tank training program for Ukrainian personnel, experiencing a delay in its scheduled completion. According to an article published by Bulgaria Military, the United States Army has extended an Abrams tank training … Read more

Russian Oligarch Assets: US Allocates $5.4 Million in Seized Funds for Ukrainian Veterans, Stirring Controversy

During his visit to Kyiv, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized that the responsibility for Russian oligarch assets should fall on those who enabled Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive actions in Ukraine. The recent dispute between the United States and Russia centers on the allocation of $5.4 million in seized Russian oligarch assets to … Read more

Military drills: Russia Expresses Concern as Armenia Prepares for ‘Eagle Partner 2023’ Military Drills with the U.S.

The military drills aim to prepare Armenian forces for international peacekeeping missions, focusing on stabilizing conflicts. The U.S. is engaged in military drills with Armenia, a development that has sparked concerns from Russia. According to an article published by Newsweek, the U.S. is conducting military drills with Armenia, which has raised concerns from Russia. The … Read more

A Global Pursuit: US Department of Justice’s Blitz on Russian Oligarchs’ Assets

Highlighting a global pursuit, she stressed that there’s nowhere to hide from these endeavors. US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco underscored the KleptoCapture Task Force’s worldwide mission, initiated in March 2022, to enforce sanctions against Russian oligarchs and unearth their concealed assets as part of a global pursuit. According to an article published by Ukrainska … Read more