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Russia Defies Sanctions: Missile Production Surges Beyond Pre-War Levels

By the conclusion of 2022, Russia defies sanctions, and its military-industrial production showed signs of recovery.

In defiance of sanctions, Russia has resumed trading in crucial components by shipping them to countries such as Armenia and Turkey, thereby posing a greater challenge to international restrictions. (Photo: Google)

Russia defies sanctions and export controls from Western nations, managing to surpass its pre-war missile production levels.

According to an article published by the Mind, despite facing Western sanctions and export controls, Russia defies sanctions and has managed to increase its missile production to levels exceeding those before the war. Initially, the invasion led to a six-month slowdown in missile and weapon production due to sanctions, but by the end of 2022, Russia’s military-industrial production started to rebound as Russia defies sanctions continuously. 

To bypass American export controls, Moscow has organized networks to supply essential weapon components to other countries, facilitating easier delivery to Russia. Less than a year after the invasion, Russia defies sanctions and resumed trading in critical parts via shipments to countries like Armenia and Turkey, further challenging the international restrictions.

Before the war, Russia could produce 100 tanks annually, but now, Russia defies sanctions bdoubling its production to 200 tanks per year. Additionally, it is believed that Russia defies sanctions by producing 2 million artillery shells annually, twice as many as Western intelligence agencies had predicted.

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Consequently, Russia now outpaces the United States and Europe in ammunition production, with rates seven times higher than Western counterparts.

According to an article published by The New York Times, lower production costs in Russia, where Russia defies sanctions, contribute to this boost, as Moscow sacrifices safety and quality when creating weapons and ammunition.

For instance, a 152mm artillery shell in Russia costs around $600 to produce, compared to $5000-6000 in Western countries. This cost advantage, even as Russia defies sanctions, enables the Russian military-industrial complex to maintain a competitive edge in global arms markets.

Sanctions are challenging to enforce, as components needed for missile production can be concealed in backpacks, making it relatively easy for Russia to circumvent restrictions.

Western officials acknowledge that while they can slow down Russia’s smuggling of missile parts, completely stopping it is unrealistic, given Moscow’s determination to find ways around limitations. Russia defies sanctions with innovative methods of evading detection and maintaining its missile production capabilities.

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