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“Amber Rose Shocks with Trump Endorsement: Exposes Media Lies at Republican National Convention”

As she approached the platform at the Republican National Convention to promote Donald Trump and disclose how she has changed her allegiance to his side, model and TV celebrity Amber Rose declared that the media had “lied to us” regarding the former president. Rose, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, gave a speech on Monday during the first … Read more

“California’s New Law Sparks Controversy: Schools Banned from Notifying Parents on Child’s Gender Identity Changes!”

A law that prohibits school districts from enacting guidelines requiring them to inform parents if their child requests a change in gender identity has been signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Regulations forcing school personnel to reveal a student’s gender identification or sexual orientation to third parties without the consent of the student are prohibited by … Read more

“Texas Governor Abbott Sparks Outrage with Trump Tweets Amid Houston Power Crisis: Residents’ Anguish Grows!”

Texas officials discussed the incident on social media on Saturday, July 13, after the scene of what investigators are calling an attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. Though some Houston residents still lack power almost a week after Hurricane Beryl, one Texas official came under fire for expressing against the suspected assassination attempt, while remarks … Read more

“YouTube Star’s Merchandise Tied to Alleged Shooter at Trump Rally: The Demolition Ranch Connection Revealed”

As information regarding the attempted attempt on former President Donald Trump’s life continues to surface, the suspected gunman was spotted sporting clothing that a well-known Texas YouTuber recognized as their own. Following the shooting at an election rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, further images of the alleged shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks, have surfaced online. He can … Read more

“Shannen Doherty’s Heartbreaking Final Days: Divorce Drama and Cancer Battle Until the End”

Exactly one day before she passed away, Shannen Doherty formally sought to dissolve her union with her ex-husband Kurt Iswarienko. Us Weekly has confirmed that documents stating Doherty and Iswarienko were moving forward with their divorce as peacefully as possible were filed on Friday, July 12. Together, the ex-couple submitted a declaration of default on … Read more

“Elon Musk Reveals Shocking Assassination Attempts and Building Real-Life Iron Man Suit!”

The latest events that occurred yesterday have stockholders in Tesla and Elon Musk on extremely high alert. When the world watched in sorrow as the front-runner for the 47th US President, former President Trump, came dangerously near to passing away on stage, colleagues and shareholders in Tesla expressed concern that Musk would experience similar misfortune. … Read more

Once more, a judge has rejected Florida’s request to outlaw gender-affirming healthcare

A federal court rejected Florida’s plea Friday to overturn a ruling that had prevented the state’s restrictive statute on gender-affirming care while the state filed an appeal. The state’s implementation of SB 254, which limited transgender individuals’ access to gender-affirming medical care and outlawed it entirely for kids, was permanently stopped the previous month by the … Read more

Elon Musk says he now supports Trump and demands that senior Secret Service personnel quit

Elon Musk responded to the assault on the life of former President Donald Trump by announcing on his social media platform, X, that he was supporting Trump and that the Secret Service, which was tasked with defending him, was to blame. In response to a comment on X that said, “He was a shooter with … Read more

Concerned that his grave might be used for political purposes: the pilot who launched the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

Paul Tibbets became famous in the US after World War II. He led the Enola Gay during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Despite his fame, Tibbets didn’t want a funeral or a headstone when he died. Paul Tibbets studied stomach surgery before joining the US Army Air Corps (USAAC). He signed up for three years … Read more

Governor DeSantis and Tampa Bay officials respond to the shooting at a Trump Rally

A shooting incident was reported recently on July 10, 2024, during a Donald Trump rally that was held in Tampa Bay, Florida. This incident comes with a lot of reactions and concerns from different political personalities. Florida Governor Ron Desantis has also joined the nation in expressing his sentiments and concerns by extending his condolences … Read more