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U.S. Army Soldier Killed in Training Accident Identified

U.S. Army Soldier Killed in Training Accident Identified

The United States Army has identified the soldier who tragically lost his life in a non-combat-related training accident over the weekend. First Lt. Zachary Galli, a 23-year-old explosive ordnance disposal officer from Virginia, was fatally injured during unspecified training exercises at the Joint Readiness Training Center in Vernon Parish, Louisiana, as announced by his unit. … Read more

Fighter Jets Target Houthi Missile Launchers in Yemen for the Sixth Time

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a continuing effort to thwart Houthi rebel threats, U.S. fighter jets executed a targeted strike on Iranian-backed Houthi missile launchers in Yemen on Friday. The operation marked the sixth such attack, with officials reporting the successful neutralization of three anti-ship missiles. The strike, conducted by F/A-18 aircraft deployed from the USS … Read more

U.S. Strikes Houthi Radar Site in Yemen, Warns of Further Action

In a continuation of military actions against Houthi rebels in Yemen, U.S. forces carried out another strike late Friday targeting a Houthi radar site. This comes on the heels of a massive joint assault by American and British troops against the Iran-backed group, which has been causing disruptions to commercial shipping traffic in the Red … Read more

Concerns Mount in Japan Over Continued Osprey Operations Amidst Fatal Crash

The Pentagon confirmed on Thursday that U.S. Ospreys are still in operation in Japan, sparking heightened concerns from Japanese officials following a fatal crash in southwestern Japan earlier this week. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Hirokazu Matsuno, expressed worry on Friday, emphasizing that the U.S. military has yet to provide sufficient information about the incident despite … Read more

Possibility of War with Iran and US looms as Marines on Gulf Vessels Caught Iran in Surprise

War with Iran and US might be possible as Biden takes on a dangerous path by showing signs to Saudis whose back is watched over by Washington. As US Marines station in Persian Gulf, war with Iran and US might spark as Iran’s operation to seize oil tankers in the region is being thwarted. Biden’s … Read more

Adm. Lisa Franchetti Nominated to Replace Gilday Amidst Political Protests

Leadership in US Military void looms as Admiral Lisa Franchetti’s confirmation stalled amidst senate dispute The US military faces a critical leadership void as Admiral Lisa Franchetti’s nomination for Chief of Naval Operations remains unconfirmed due to a political hold by Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville. Daily Bulletin — Adm. Lisa Franchetti’s exceptional career and qualifications … Read more

Chinese and Russian Military Patrol Vessels Spotted in Alaska: US Dispatched Four Navy Warships

China and Russia launch military patrol vessels close to Alaska, prompting the US to send warships. After several Chinese and Russian military patrol vessels conducted a coordinated maritime patrol near Alaska last week, the United States of America sent four navy warships and a reconnaissance plane. According to analysts, which was initially reported by the … Read more