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Millions Await Food Stamp Approvals, States Pushed to Accelerate Process

Alaska’s Food Aid Crisis Deepens Amidst Backlog USDA Warns States Over SNAP Application Backlogs According to The Columbian, Alaska faces a pressing issue with the high cost of groceries particularly affecting rural communities where many residents rely on food stamp to afford basic necessities. The delay in processing residents’ requests for food stamp has exacerbated … Read more

Alaska Judge Margaret Murphy’s Perjury Indictment Dismissed Over Lack of Specificity

An unusual legal saga spanning nearly two decades in Alaska took a significant turn as Third District Superior Court Judge Thomas A. Matthews dismissed a perjury charge against former District Court Judge Margaret Murphy. The indictment, issued on November 3, 2022, stemmed from a 2005 unlawful hunting case over which Murphy presided in McGrath. The … Read more

Alaska’s Top 10 Safe Havens: Exploring the Wilderness with Peace of Mind

Exploring Alaska’s Wilderness Coastal Cities and Tranquil Havens According to Southwest Journal, Alaska, the most expansive state in the US, offers breathtaking natural wonders and a secluded ambiance with a small population of just over 700,000. Despite its vastness, Alaska retains immense wilderness where vibrant auroras and the call of the wild reign supreme. Yet, … Read more

Alaska’s No-Income-Tax Policy: A Double-Edged Sword

Alaska, known for its breathtaking landscapes and frontier spirit, boasts a unique advantage among American states: no state income tax. While this policy might seem like a financial boon, it comes with its own set of challenges and considerations for residents. Living in a state without income tax is often viewed as an attractive prospect … Read more

Alaska Residents Anticipate $1,312 Direct Payments in Latest Round of Permanent Fund Dividend Disbursements

State Department of Revenue Announces December 14 as Distribution Date As the year draws to a close, eligible Alaska residents are set to receive another round of one-time direct payments from the Permanent Fund Dividend, with each payment amounting to $1,312. The state Department of Revenue has confirmed that these payments will be disbursed on … Read more

Chinese and Russian Military Patrol Vessels Spotted in Alaska: US Dispatched Four Navy Warships

China and Russia launch military patrol vessels close to Alaska, prompting the US to send warships. After several Chinese and Russian military patrol vessels conducted a coordinated maritime patrol near Alaska last week, the United States of America sent four navy warships and a reconnaissance plane. According to analysts, which was initially reported by the … Read more