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Bear Meat Meal Leads to Brain Worm Infections Among Family Members

Bear Meat Meal Leads to Brain Worm Infections Among Family Members

A family gathering where bear meat was served has led to several cases of brainworm infections among attendees, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Details of the Incident In July 2022, the Minnesota Department of Health was alerted when a 29-year-old man was repeatedly hospitalized over two-and-a-half … Read more

Minnesota’s Most Dangerous Cities: Crime Data Reveals Safety Concerns and Social Challenges

Unveiling Minnesota’s Most Dangerous Cities: Crime Data Highlights Safety Concerns and Socioeconomic Challenges Discover the Safety Risks: Minnesota’s Most Dangerous Places Revealed Through Crime Analysis Researchers looked at lots of data about crime in Minnesota, according to the report of Southwest Journal. They found that even though Minnesota isn’t the most dangerous state overall, some … Read more

Most Dangerous Cities in Minnesota: Study Reveals Surprising Crime Rates

Most Dangerous Cities in Minnesota Revealed Cities in Minnesota Are Most Dangerous According to Southwest Journal looked at crime in Minnesota and found some cities are most dangerous than others. Even though Minnesota is a rich state some places have a lot of crime and problems like not enough jobs or low pay. It’s a … Read more

Minnesota Rebate Checks Now Marked With Clearer Labeling

Minnesota’s Department of Revenue announces a third round of Minnesota rebate checks, aiming to resolve issues with uncashed checks from previous distributions, now marked with clearer state agency labeling. Efforts to Rectify Minnesota Rebate Checks Woes After two failed attempts to cash rebate checks due to unclear labeling, Minnesota’s Revenue Department prepares to distribute $260 … Read more

Tragedy Unfolds at Minnesota Motel, Two Dead Including Shooter

A tranquil evening in Cloquet, Minnesota, took a grim turn as an active shooter unleashed violence at a Super 8 motel, leaving two people dead. Authorities were quick to issue an alert around 7 p.m., urging residents in the vicinity of Big Lake Road and Highway 33 to take shelter immediately. The unfolding incident prompted … Read more

Racial Justice Groups, Relatives of Black Man Who Was Shot and Killed Demand to Fire the Troopers

Different racial groups and relatives of the Black man who was shot and killed during a traffic stop demanded the state Governor fire the troopers involved. Black Man Was Shot and Killed During a Traffic Stop Ricky Cobb II, the black man who was shot and killed, was pulled over during a traffic stop on … Read more