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Minnesota Rebate Checks Now Marked With Clearer Labeling

Minnesota’s Department of Revenue announces a third round of Minnesota rebate checks, aiming to resolve issues with uncashed checks from previous distributions, now marked with clearer state agency labeling.

Minnesota Rebate Checks Now Marked With Clearer Labeling (Photo: MPR News)

Efforts to Rectify Minnesota Rebate Checks Woes

After two failed attempts to cash rebate checks due to unclear labeling, Minnesota’s Revenue Department prepares to distribute $260 per person payments to around 128,000 eligible recipients, totaling approximately $48 million.

Unlike previous checks with voided 60-day windows for cashing, the new batch will prominently display the Department of Revenue’s return address, ensuring recipients recognize them as legitimate state-issued payments.

Revenue Commissioner Paul Marquart emphasizes the extended two-year validity of the new checks, with unclaimed amounts eventually transferred to state unclaimed property if not cashed within the timeframe.

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Minnesota Rebate Checks: Frustration Mounts Over IRS Tax Decision

While efforts to issue rebates continue, frustration surfaces over the IRS decision to tax the payments, sparking discontent among recipients who now face additional tax liabilities ranging from $26 to $57.

Sen. Steve Drazkowski criticizes the lack of scrutiny before passing the rebate legislation, stressing the Legislature’s responsibility in bill drafting and decision-making.

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