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New York Lawmakers Pass $237 Billion Budget, Aim to Boost Housing Market and Tackle Issues Statewide

New York Lawmakers Approve $237 Billion Budget to Boost Housing Market and Address Statewide Issues New York Lawmakers Pass $237 Billion Budget New York lawmakers recently approved a huge $237 billion state budget, according to the published article of AP NEWS. They aim to boost the housing market and deal with various issues in the … Read more

New York Lawmakers Pass $90 Million Tax Credits Plan to Support Local News Outlets, a First-of-its-Kind Initiative

New York Lawmakers Pass $90 Million Tax Credits Plan to Bolster Local News Outlets, Supporting Journalists’ Salaries New York Allocates $90 Million in Tax Credits to Support Local News, Aimed at Retaining Journalists New York lawmakers have passed a special plan to help local news outlets, according to the published article of THE WRAP. This … Read more

New York Lawmakers Propose Tax Credits for Farmer Housing – Gaining Bipartisan Support!

A Bipartisan Effort to Aid New York Farmers New Hope for Farmer Housing According to Your Erie, New York lawmakers like Republican Senator Jim Tedisco and Democratic Assemblymember Marianne Buttenschon have a new idea to help farmers in New York. New York lawmakers want to change a law to let farmers get tax credits for … Read more

$500M Tax Credit Initiative Proposed in New York: A Lifeline for Families and Economic Boost!

$500M Tax Credit Plan to Aid Struggling New York Families Senator Gounardes Hails $500M Tax Credit as Vital Lifeline for Families According to the Finger Lakes 1, New York lawmakers proposed a $500M tax credit initiative led by Finger Lakes Partners to alleviate high living costs and provide relief for essentials like food and utilities. … Read more

New York Lawmakers Propose Tax Credit Overhaul: Job Creation at Stake!

Audit Highlights Issues Disparities in New York Tax Credit Programs According to the Olean Times Herald, some New York lawmakers want changes after finding problems with tax credit programs. An audit by PFM Group Consulting LLC for the state Department of Taxation and Finance looked at these credits. They found that Excelsior and the Restaurant … Read more

3,000 US Newspaper Closures Since 2005 – Rally in Hastings-on-Hudson Urges State Action to Save Local Media At The Time Of Crisis!

Local Media Advocates Rally in Hastings-on-Hudson Crisis Empire State Coalition Champions Local Journalism Sustainability Act According to River Journal, Americans¬†advocating for state laws to address the decline of local media met at the rally in Hastings-on-Hudson pointing out a worsening crisis in local journalism. Recent decisions by publications like The Scarsdale Inquirer, Rivertowns Enterprise, and … Read more

New York Health Insurance at Risk – Ongoing Contract Disagreement!

Health Insurer-Hospital Dispute Threatens Coverage for NYC Patients Email Warnings of Coverage Loss Heighten Stress According to Eye Witness News, a dispute between major health insurers and New York City hospitals puts thousands of patients at risk of losing Health Insurance coverage with their doctors. This could lead to increased out-of-pocket expenses for treatment or … Read more

2024 Stimulus Update: $500 Monthly Payments from a $2.2M Fund – Unlock Your Share by Meeting These 4 Criteria!

Financial Support in Rochester: Guaranteed Basic Income Program Random Selection for $500 Monthly Payment from a $2.2M Fund According to The U.S. Sun News, in Rochester, New York, some people are getting money as part of a program called Guaranteed Basic Income. This program started last year. To get this $500 monthly payment from a … Read more