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YouTuber who obstructed the investigation into the wreckage of “I Crashed My Airplane” receives a six-month prison sentence.

Trevor Daniel Jacob, a 30-year-old pilot and skydiver, has been sentenced to six months in federal prison for orchestrating a fake plane crash in California. Jacob pleaded guilty to charges of destroying evidence and obstructing a federal investigation. The incident was part of a stunt titled “I Crashed My Airplane,” posted on YouTube in December … Read more

Critical Federal Programs Targeted: Countdown to Disappearance Looms Without Congressional Action

As February 2 approaches, two crucial federal programs hang in the balance, both responsible for maintaining national security — one focused on detecting chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and the other designed to counter drones operating illegally in U.S. airspace. The potential disappearance of these programs is not due to controversy but rather their entanglement … Read more

Brianna Suggs Shifts Legal Strategy Amid Mayor Adams’ Campaign Investigation

Brianna Suggs, a significant campaign donor for New York City Mayor Eric Adams, has opted for a change in legal representation amid an ongoing federal investigation into the mayor’s campaign. This move follows the FBI’s search of Suggs’ Brooklyn home earlier this month. New Legal Counsel for Brianna Suggs Rebecca Ricigliano, a partner at the … Read more