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Stolen Baby Jesus: Los Feliz Church’s War-Themed Nativity Scene Faces Unexpected Twist

Reverend Keith Mozingo of Founders Metropolitan Community Church in Los Feliz is grappling with a loss of holiday cheer following the theft of the baby Jesus that adorned his politically charged Nativity scene.

Located outside the church on Prospect Avenue, Mozingo’s Nativity exhibit featured statues of Mary, Joseph, and a baby Jesus positioned atop a mound of debris. This arrangement was crafted to serve as a poignant reminder to both parishioners and passersby about the ongoing global conflicts, with a sign listing countries like “Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, Sudan.”

A Humorous Response to Unfortunate Events

Upon discovering the absence of the baby Jesus, Mozingo took to Facebook with a light-hearted plea, “Y’all pray… Jesus got kidnapped.” Despite the fun injected into the situation, the prayers have yet to yield the return of the stolen figurine. Responding to a neighbour’s report of a sighting near the church, Mozingo personally visited neighbours, spreading the word about Jesus’s disappearance.

Unconventional Commentary through Nativity Scenes

Reverend Mozingo has gained notoriety for using Nativity scenes as social and political commentary. In 2019, he spotlighted the treatment of migrants at the southern border by portraying Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as incarcerated immigrants in cages. While some critique these displays as political, Mozingo asserts they are a compassionate voice for humanity.

In a different year, Mary was depicted as a transgender man, Joseph as a drag queen, and Jesus represented by a two-liter Coke bottle swathed in swaddling clothes. Undeterred by the recent theft, Mozingo ordered a replacement Jesus from eBay in time for Christmas. However, this time, he plans to secure the figurine firmly to the debris, humorously declaring, “I will chain the new Jesus down,” aiming to prevent a recurrence of the unfortunate incident.

Reverend Mozingo’s commitment to using humor and unconventional displays to address pressing societal issues remains unwavering, ensuring that his Nativity scenes continue to be a unique form of expression and dialogue.

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