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Overpaid Bernalillo County Property Tax? Learn How to Request a Refund

Property owners who believe they have been overassessed in Bernalillo County can explore the option of requesting a refund on their property taxes. Bernalillo County Assessor Damian Lara emphasizes the importance of property owners paying only their fair share and assures them that the assessment process aims for justice and equality.

Championing Fair Assessments

In a recent press release, Bernalillo County Assessor Damian Lara highlighted the commitment to ensuring that property owners pay their fair share of property taxes. The reassurance comes with an invitation for property owners to challenge their assessments or seek reimbursement if they believe they have been overassessed. The underlying message is clear: the assessor’s office is an ally, advocating for just and equitable assessments.

Navigating the Refund Process

Property owners considering a refund can initiate the process by filing a claim, which involves a fee of $132. The Bernalillo County Assessor’s Office provides comprehensive instructions available online, streamlining the submission process. Additionally, property owners can seek assistance from the assessor’s office directly by reaching out to them at (505)-222-3700. To enhance informed decision-making, property owners are also encouraged to consult with legal counsel before proceeding with a claim in civil court.

By offering accessible resources, clear guidance, and a supportive approach, Bernalillo County aims to empower property owners in navigating the property tax refund process. This initiative not only underscores the commitment to fairness but also establishes a collaborative framework between property owners and the assessor’s office.

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