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Poorest Americans 5x More Likely to Face Audits Biden’s IRS Funding Raises Doubts

IRS Funding Impact: Syracuse University Data Reveals Poorest Americans 5x More Likely to Face Audits Despite Biden Assurances

Audit Disparity Exposed: Lower-Income Americans Face IRS Scrutiny Despite Biden’s Pledge, Syracuse University Data Shows

Despite assurances from the Biden Administration that more IRS funding wouldn’t lead to more audits for regular Americans new data from Syracuse University shows a different story, according to the published article of BENZINGA. The poorest American especially those claiming the Earned Income Credit are way more likely to get audited. Americans making less than $25,000 a year were five times more likely to face audits compared to others with the audit rate for EIC claimants shooting up to 13.5% in 2022.

The government’s increased IRS funding to target wealthy tax evaders seems to be hitting lower-income individuals harder raising doubts about fairness. This adds pressure on those who can least afford it and benefits private tax services like H&R Block. Dealing with audit fears adds stress and expense for taxpayers already struggling with taxes. Addressing this unfairness in the tax system is crucial as debates on reform continue.

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Examining IRS Funding: Disproportionate Face Audit Burden on Lower-Income Earners Highlights Systemic Inequalities in Tax System

Furthermore, as the discussion unfolds around IRS funding and tax fairness it’s important to consider the broader implications. The disproportionate burden of audits on lower-income individuals underscores systemic inequalities within the tax system. While efforts to combat tax evasion among the wealthy are commendable they must not come at the expense of exacerbating financial strain on the most vulnerable.

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