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Wisconsin Act 42 Saving Farmland with Tax Credits – Check Out Amid Urban Expansion

Preserving Farmland with Tax Credits to Ensure Food Security Amid Urban Growth

Wisconsin Act 42 Provides Tax Incentives to Safeguard Agricultural Land Amid Urbanization

Wisconsin is seeing more Americans moving into cities and less land available for farming. But to keep producing enough food it’s crucial to save farmland according to the published article of AGRI-VIEW. So Wisconsin has come up with a plan to offer tax credits to landowners who agree to keep their land as farmland for at least 10 years.

The new law Wisconsin Act 42 began in December 2023. It offers tax breaks to landowners who agree not to develop their land for a set time encouraging them to keep it for farming. Communities in Wisconsin are also setting rules to preserve farmland ensuring it stays for agriculture. This helps farmers continue growing food benefiting everyone who depends on fresh produce.

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Farmland Preservation Tax Credit Programs Vital Amid Urban Expansion in Wisconsin

Furthermore, as cities get bigger and more people move in there’s less land for farming. But we still need enough food. So it’s really important to find ways to save farmland. That’s why programs like the Farmland Preservation Tax Credit in Wisconsin are so helpful. They encourage landowners to keep their land for farming which means we can keep growing food for everyone while also taking care of nature.

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