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Two Republican-Backed Bills Rejected in Kentucky: Teen Work Hours and Food Stamp Changes Up for Revival!

Republican-Backed Bills Rejected in Kentucky Legislature

Rare Rejection Occurs Despite GOP Majority in Committee

According to Herald-Leader, two Republican-backed bills in Kentucky’s legislature faced rejection which is rare because most lawmakers in the committee are from the GOP. One bill House Bill 255, aimed to make it easier for 16- and 17-year-olds to work more hours during school weeks. The other House Bill 367 wanted to change who can get food stamps but it didn’t get enough votes from the committee. Even though two Republican-backed bills were turned down there’s a chance they could come back if the committee meets again.

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(PHOTO: The Courier-Journal)

Revisions Made to Controversial Republican-Backed Bills in Kentucky Legislature

Despite initial pushback, both two Republican-backed bills could still be reconsidered for approval. House Bill 255 saw adjustments reinstating limits on teenage work hours while House Bill 367 addressed concerns about food stamp eligibility. However, worries persist about potential negative impacts on those in need. Within the Republican group, disagreement emerged over the two Republican-backed bills’ effects on employment and finances. Senate President Robert Stivers noted the common occurrence of two Republican-backed bills rejection. They left open the possibility for their revival in the future reflecting the challenge of finding solutions beneficial for all in Kentucky.

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