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Rapper Kodak Black freed from jail after drug possession charge dismissed

South Florida Rapper Kodak Black Freed After Judge Rules Time Served Enough

Rapper Kodak Black freed from jail after drug possession charge dismissed. (PHOTO: WPTV)

Broward County Drops Case Against Rapper Kodak Black as Lab Tests Confirm Prescription for Oxycodone

According to Fox 29, South Florida Rapper Kodak Black also known as Bill Kapri has been let out of jail after a judge said he already served enough time for breaking his probation. The judge’s decision came after a drug charge against him was dropped in Broward County. The arrest happened in December when he was found asleep in his car with white powder around his mouth. It was thought to be cocaine but later tests showed it was oxycodone a drug he had a prescription for.

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Kodak Black’s Troubled Legal History, From 2022 Drug Charges to Trump’s Intervention

Kodak Black’s legal problems started with a 2022 case involving charges of selling and having drugs without a prescription. He was out on bail but got into trouble again by not following the rules leading to a two-month jail stay. Despite being known for hit songs like “Super Gremlin” Kodak Black has a history of legal issues including a past prison sentence that was shortened by then-President Trump in 2021. While he’s out for now his legal battles continue and fans are waiting to see how this affects his music career.

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