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California Lawmakers Take Aim at Retail Crime with Tough New Measures!

Cracking Down on Organized Retail Crime

California Lawmakers Tougher Measures Proposed

According to Bakersfield.com, California Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas with Democratic Assembly members Rick Zbur and Kevin McCarty, introduced the California Retail Theft Reduction Act to combat organized retail crime such as retail theft and shoplifting. The California lawmakers proposes a new crime carrying a potential three-year prison term for those caught with stolen items intending to sell. Evidence for intent to sell may include repeated offenses or possessing goods inconsistent with personal use. The bill also suggests aggregating retail crime values from different retailers for more severe prosecution mandating online sellers to maintain records of legally obtained goods and requiring large retailers to report retail crime data.

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Rising Shoplifting Rates Direct California Lawmakers Action

California lawmakers response comes as shoplifting rose by 29% in 2022, still 8% below pre-pandemic levels. The increase includes retail crime like smash-and-grab incidents and a 16% rise in commercial burglaries of items exceeding $950 between 2019 and 2022. The $950 threshold established by Proposition 47 in 2014 categorized shoplifting as a felony. While some attribute the rise in retail crime to Proposition 47,  speaker Rivas emphasizes the need for well-thought-out policies through the legislative process. The Retail Theft Reduction Act addresses the issue considering existing laws and public concerns about theft and security to reduce the retail crimes demonstrating a dedicated effort to tackle evolving challenges faced by businesses and communities in California.

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