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Former Crime Boss’s Wife and Daughter Arrested After High School Basketball Game Brawl

The daughter and wife of ex-mob boss John Gotti, Jr. were arrested following a violent altercation at a high school basketball game brawl in Long Island. Kimberly Gotti, aged 55, and her 25-year-old daughter, Gianna Gotti, allegedly assaulted a woman at the game in Lattingtown. Trouble started when the woman asked them to stop using foul language towards students in the bleachers.

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High School Basketball Game Turns Violent: Gotti Family Responds to Assault Allegations

According to the victim, Kimberly and Gianna reacted aggressively, punching her and snatching her hat off during the high school basketball game brawl. The situation escalated further, with more individuals joining in the assault, eventually knocking the woman to the ground. Police intervened and dispersed the high school basketball game brawl, ending the chaos that ensued.

John Gotti, Jr. contested parts of the victim’s story, claiming that his wife was initially assaulted by the woman. He stated that his wife and daughter wouldn’t press charges against anyone else involved in the high school basketball game brawl, emphasizing that they were only there due to the woman’s initial attack.

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High School Basketball Game Brawl: Gotti Family Faces Assault Charges

Both Kimberly and Gianna Gotti were charged with third-degree assault but were released on their own recognizance. The presiding judge, Madeleine Petrara-Perrin, ordered them to keep away from the victim. Their next court appearance is scheduled for March 6.

The incident, which unfolded at a local high school basketball game, has drawn attention due to the involvement of individuals linked to organized crime. The altercation highlights the importance of maintaining civility and avoiding violence, especially in public settings such as a high school basketball game brawl. Such incidents can have serious legal consequences, as evidenced by the charges brought against the Gotti family members.

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