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Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Denies Fame Gain in Trial Amid Death Threats

Daily KOS reported about E. Jean Carroll who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault testified in court denying any benefit from the publicity surrounding her allegations. Trump’s attorney argued that Carroll gained fame, but she asserted her motive was to restore her damaged reputation. The trial aims to determine damages for Trump’s defamatory remarks. Carroll, facing death threats since the 2019 accusations, emphasized the negative impact on her life.

During the trial of Trump, E.Jean Carroll testifies on defamation (Photo from CNBC)

Trump’s Absence and Carroll’s Testimony

Trump’s absence didn’t diminish his presence in court as Carroll refuted claims of benefiting from her accusations.

Carroll highlighted the toll on her reputation, citing death threats and a decline in social status.

Trump’s attorney pointed to Carroll’s increased social media following and opportunities, but she dismissed these as negligible.

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Trump’s Influence and Carroll’s Struggle

Video footage of Trump’s recent comments on the trial being “rigged” and discrediting Carroll was presented.

Carroll faced hostile tweets in 2019, but the judge halted attempts to link them directly to Trump’s statements.

Trump’s animated courtroom behavior, defiance towards the judge, and earlier $5 million damages were discussed.

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