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Baltimore Trial Commences Amidst Mysteries Surrounding Officer’s Killing

The trial has commenced for Elliot Knox, one of the suspects accused in the fatal shooting of Baltimore police officer Keona Holley, leaving many questions unanswered regarding the motive behind the attack. Officer Holley tragically lost her life in December 2021 after being shot multiple times while on duty, sitting in her marked patrol car … Read more

Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Denies Fame Gain in Trial Amid Death Threats

Daily KOS reported about E. Jean Carroll who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault testified in court denying any benefit from the publicity surrounding her allegations. Trump’s attorney argued that Carroll gained fame, but she asserted her motive was to restore her damaged reputation. The trial aims to determine damages for Trump’s defamatory remarks. Carroll, … Read more

High-Stakes Trial for Perjury Commences: Democratic Insider Tim Mapes Accused of Lying to Protect Former Boss, Michael Madigan

Democratic insider Tim Mapes will be facing a high-stakes trial for perjury, where he’s accused of lying to  protect his former boss, ex-House Speaker Michael Madigan, commencing on Wednesday. The jury selection process was already concluded for the high-stakes trial. Trial Commences: Perjury Allegations Against Democratic Insider Tim Mapes Linked to Ex-Speaker Madigan In a … Read more