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Deputy Heroes Thwart 7-Eleven Robberies Twice in a Week!

In a remarkable feat, a law enforcement officer has thwarted a 7-Eleven robbery for the second time in less than a week, showcasing the pivotal role played by vigilant deputies in ensuring public safety. The most recent incident unfolded in West Covina when a suspect, armed with a gun, attempted to rob a 7-Eleven store at Sunset and Merced avenues. The unexpected intervention of West Covina Police Sgt. Abel Hernandez led to the apprehension of the armed assailant and the recovery of approximately $400 in stolen cash.

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West Covina Standoff: Deputy’s Timely Intervention

When Sgt. Abel Hernandez happened to walk into the West Covina 7-Eleven on Wednesday night, the incident took an unexpected turn. The sergeant’s quick thinking in the face of an armed attacker demanding money resulted in the suspect’s arrest and the recovery of stolen funds.

The dramatic interaction was captured on camera, and the West Covina Police Department released the film on Instagram. It serves as a testament to the bravery and fast thinking displayed by law officers when performing their duties.

The 48-year-old La Puente resident who was caught is accused of robbery, possessing a firearm while a felon, and carrying a concealed weapon. He was still being held as of Friday at the Los Angeles Inmate Reception Center, highlighting the grave legal ramifications of an attempted armed robbery.

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Carson Confrontation: Deputy Thwarts Armed Robbery

Just five days earlier, a similar incident unfolded in Carson when a sheriffs deputy, posing as a customer, thwarted a robbery at another 7-Eleven store. Confronted by two masked individuals armed with a knife and what appeared to be a firearm, the deputy acted swiftly, drawing his own weapon, calling for backup, and successfully apprehending all four suspects involved in the potential armed robbery.

These incidents underscore the indispensable role played by law enforcement officers in protecting communities and preventing criminal activities. The decisive actions of these deputies not only averted potential harm to store employees and customers but also highlight the crucial role of effective policing in maintaining public safety. Their courage and vigilance serve as a testament to the dedication exhibited by law enforcement personnel in the face of unexpected and dangerous situations.

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