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Texas Couple Accused of Administering Meth to Infant for Burn Treatment

After reportedly injecting their child with meth to heal her burn injuries last week, a couple is facing numerous felony charges.

A little girl who was just over a year old on Friday, Nov. 3, suffered significant liquid burn injuries to her face as well as her upper and lower body, according to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar. Salazar claimed that rather than going to the doctor, the baby’s mother, 31-year-old Amanda Mann, urged her partner, Dustin Lawrence, to bring burn ointment home over the phone.

Salazar claims that after administering ointment to the infant to relieve her agony, Mann and Lawrence gave her a meth injection. It is said that the infant slept the entire night. Her parents took off the bedding when she woke up, and she said that some of her skin had peeled off. Salazar said detectives think the parents tried to hide the fact that the infant was still having medical issues because they knew they would be in trouble.

Horrific Child Abuse Case: Texas Couple Faces Felony Charges as Infant Endures Torture

The baby had trouble breathing, so the parents tried chest compressions and extracted mucus with a bulb. Salazar added that after a while, the parents phoned a friend of theirs, who advised them to take the infant to the hospital, which they did on Saturday, November 4. The Bexar Sheriff’s Office said that although Mann checked the infant into the hospital, she never came back. Salazar stated that she was ultimately discovered by officials “milling around the medical centre’s parking lot”.

According to Salazar, more research showed that the baby had burns from boiling water on the stove. It is unknown to officials whether the water spill was caused on purpose or by accident.

The pair is accused of several felonies. In a statement, Salazar stated, “Based on the level of outright torture this baby had to endure, I wish there was something else we could charge them with.”

The infant is still alive as of November 6, and Salazar expressed his hope that the child will fully recover. Charges against the parents will be increased if that is not the case. The infant girl, who was just 18 pounds and 24 inches at the hospital, was not thriving, the sheriff said.

Salazar claims that the couple had five more children living in a “filthy” RV, one of them was a six-year-old kid who had also tested positive for meth. The case was described as “ugly, horrible” by the sheriff. The children were placed under the care of Child Protective Services.



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